Characteristics of space frame structure

Space frame structure is a common roof form for large opera houses, industrial factories, exhibition halls, amusement parks and other buildings. What are the characteristics of the space frame structure?

Space frame is a net structure composed of many steel bars. It is a higher statically indeterminate structure. The space frame structure can be divided into flat and curved structure.
The advantages of flat space frame structure are as follows: space stress system, steel bar mainly bear axial force, reasonable stress, good overall performance of material saving, large stiffness and good seismic performance. less steel bar types, which is suitable for industrial production.
The flat structure can be divided into two categories: cross truss system and pyramid system. The force of the pyramid system is more reasonable and the stiffness is larger.
The ratio between height of the space frame and short span is generally about 1/15. The rod is generally made of steel pipe, and the node is generally ball node.