We just "Want" to raise awareness in your community.

Clevenard Social Networking Platform, groundbreaking initiative has evolved into a magnificent force that transcends boundaries and bring people in communities together like never before.

Get ready to witness the power of unity as Clevenard takes center stage, paving the way for a harmonious blend of purpose.

Clevenard Social Networking Platform, seeks to promote, create awareness, educate the public and help spread your information on societal issues with the aim of influencing peoples attitudes, behavior and beliefs through an online publication.

We also want to use the power of public opinion, in support of an issue to influence the will of decision makers thereby creating a multiple awareness strategies that can be used to convey and spread messages and gather the necessary support to influence public opinion on societal development.

Because we believe in the power of influence and advocacy for societal development and change. Clevenard.com is an innovative initiative designed to empower aspiring people while spreading awareness on critical societal issues.

On Clevenard

You can find people who share your interests, build your profile, send messages, post content that helps you create your own awareness campaign , make new friends, interact with each other, and much more.

Our mission

To foster positive change by harnessing public opinion and inspiring global decision-makers to support causes that matters.

Our Vision

To connect people to the future growth of Information and knowledge sharing.