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New blogs

The princely bubble has burst

Only a few weeks ago, with U.S.-Turkey relations on ‎the rocks over the detention of Pastor ‎Andrew Brunson, it seemed like Saudi Arabia was poised to be the country on which the United States ‎plans to base its regional… »

South African Former Chancellor Pik Botha Passed

Former South African Foreign Minister Pik Botha died today at 86 after a long illness, according to his relatives.South African President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his condolences over the death of Botha, whom he recalle… »

Explosions in Assad’s Military Academy

A large explosion shook the neighborhood of Hamdaniyah in West Aleppo,the explosion was the result of a terrorist attack with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG).Providing an opportunity to take acloser look into the incide… »


Brazil Were Overrated and Misunderstood

The four semi-final spots for the 2018 FIFA World Cup have been decided, and the highly touted Brazil have not got one of them. Indeed, it will be one of four European teams: France, Belgium, England, or Croatia that wil… »

ILR: Easing the issues of migration

The topic on migration is an unending issue with countries ensuring that policies that concerns the migration of persons from various countries are favorable to both the immigrants and the host countries.Countries all ar… »