Clevenard Open Project Program innovative approaches to reduce poverty through trade are bringing small businesses, NGOs, government, and aid agencies together in new ways.

"We believe that the leading global companies of 2020 will be those that provide goods and services and reach new customers in ways that address the world's major challenges - including poverty, climate change, resource depletion, globalization, and demographic shifts."

This example of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on a collective scale is not the only sign that businesses are becoming more socially responsible. Social entrepreneurship is also on the rise. These trends reflect a rise in partnerships between the profit and non-profit sectors.

As international businesses explore the developing world to find new consumer markets, We realize that long-term prosperity depends on the development of these markets. As a result, more partnerships are springing up between international companies, NGOs, and development agencies. They are finding common interests and learning from each other in the process.

A number of examples show that creative partnerships and approaches to reducing poverty through trade maybe even more important than resources.

At Clevenard we believe one of the best ways to improve economic conditions in emerging markets is to help entrepreneurs — especially those running small businesses — grow.

These small, oftentimes informal, firms include dressmakers, restaurants, auto repair shops, metal fabricators, cleaning services, farmers, fashion designer,s, etc.

The World Bank counts about 400 million of them across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where they make up about 60% of the jobs and 40% of the GDP.

Clevenard is interested in improving the performance of these entrepreneurs, We know that even a slight overall bump in growth among this class of firms could translate to greater prosperity for millions of small-scale entrepreneurs and the employees they lead.

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