THE LINKAGE FOUNDATION serving meals with love

THE LINKAGE FOUNDATION serving meals with love

The Linkage Foundation aims to engaged and collaborated with Non-Profit Organization, Dipeu Tsa Tshwane for a full year, offering uniquely planned programs that enhance individuals' and communities' well-being in spirit, body, and mind.

The "Meals With Love" initiative is one of the ways the Linkage Foundation shares God's love with the community by providing warm, nutritious meals to emphasize the importance of their well-being.

This year, we also managed to add sweet treats for the children, which melted our hearts as we saw how pleasantly surprised the kids were, inspiring us to do more for them.

In the morning, the Linkage Foundation held a "Leadership Session" to empower the leadership of the Dipeu Tsa Tshwane Organization. During this session, we engaged with them to understand their challenges and mapped out solutions. Later, at 1 pm, the entire community joined us to share the "Meals With Love."

The day was a huge success as we fed over 200 people. The money was raised via donations from ordinary people like you and me. We hope that in our future initiatives, companies will collaborate with us to reach even more organizations around the country. The goal is for the "Meals With Love" initiative to expand nationwide, empowering organizations on the ground with skills development programs and shared meals.

The following are the initiatives we have planned, and we would greatly appreciate your collaboration:

1. June: Youth Day - Sanitary and Deodorant Drive, Father's Day Celebration
2. May/June/July: Winter Drive - Blankets, Soup Drive, School Jersey Drive
3. August: Women's Day Celebration
4. September: Spring Retreat - Hiking, Married Couples' Retreat
5. October/November: The Linkage Foundation Family Day - Everyone we've connected with during the year to share and celebrate our growth

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- Phone: 071 402 6957
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Visionary & Founder of The Linkage Foundation Violet Phiri.

Violet Phiri
South Africa