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Customizable profile questions

You may add, edit, and remove your profile questions as you like.

Dynamic profile information display

Specify information that should be displayed to the public. For example, you can choose what fields to display on the search forms or public profile.

Our system will then automatically display them to the public.

Privacy options

Users have full control over their profile privacy to determine who can view it

Security and anti-spam

  • Email address verification
  • Duplicate registration prevention
  • Automatic captcha images
  • Block IPs
  • Censorship, Specify words we don't want to be used such as foul language, emails, etc.
  • Content reporting
  • User blocking
  • Search engine optimization

Automatic sitemap

System automatically generates search engine optimized sitemap. This ensures that no page of your profile goes unnoticed by search engines and offers maximum exposure and rankings.

• Search engine friendly URLs

Bring more users to your profile by attracting them from search engines. Search engine friendly URLs are used throughout the Social Network, making sure none of the pages go unnoticed by the search engines.

Content management

• Responsive Social Network

Built with modern devices in mind, our Social Network are completely responsive down to mobile phones. It means Social Network will automatically adjust based on user's device.

Email messaging

Customizable email message let you get personal with your friends by adding content to emails you would like them to receive.

Multi-language support

You may run your profile in more than one language at a time. You will be able to select preferred language which will apply to you and your friends.

Private messaging

Safe and secure messaging

Users may communicate with each other via internal private messaging system. This ensures user's privacy as none of the personal contact information is revealed.

Instant messaging

Website integrates seamlessly with Clevenard chat to give users instant messaging capability.

Email notifications

Our System will notify users of new private messages as well as display appropriate notification on your timeline itself. This ensures none of the private messages go unnoticed.


• Timeline

Personal and public timelines allow users to easily see latest activities by their friends and other users of your site.

Friends and favorites

Users may add others as favorites or friends for faster communication and to restrict their profiles and other content based on friendship status.

Profile visitors

System automatically remembers each visitor to user profiles so that our users could make new friends by checking who viewed them and when.


Our users may leave comments for various content across your profile and engage in conversations.

Votes and likes

Allow our users to express their interest by rating or liking various content in the community.

Social network sharing

You may enable the option to share your profile's content over other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. (about 200 networks)


Feedback form is available for our users to be able to contact us with questions, suggestions, comments and any other information.