Miss Clevenard 2022-2023: The best online beauty pageant.

Miss Clevenard 2022-2023: The best online beauty pageant.

Please click to download Clevenard modelling form from here.

Competition rules and participation requirements for each candidate:

*Miss Clevenard contestant should be a female from the age of 15 to 31 years old Groupe A and 32 to 45 years old Groupe B, regardless of your marital status.

* The organization reserves a pre-casting general conditions.

* The results of votes will be recorded. When the pageant ends, the candidates may request to see the voting privately. It is strictly forbidden to contact the members of the jury as they will be the audience of the show because transparency and professionalism is very important to us.

* We will design marketing poster and publicity materials to bring more people to sign up and comment on your posts, blogs, pictures or video contents.

* We will have communication to motivate and keep you busy with our weekly online vote's Wich will be certain pictures that we will require from you to help you also in your blogging and to be posted on our social media platforms.

* When the candidates are registered, they agree to transfer their personal information, photos and videos for dissemination through the channel that the pageant deems appropriate.

* Candidates should also accept that the organization may transfer their information to third parties for commercial and professional use.

* This assignment will be from the registration to the pageant for an indefinite period of time and within international territorial scope.
"Personal information will be processed in compliance with the personal data protection law. If any candidate wants their pageant edited or deleted, they must request it from the organization.

* The winner must sign a representation contract with a minimum period of 1 year from the moment the pageant ends.

* There is no territorial limit, this condition is being valid at the international level. If there is someone interested in the hiring, use or exploitation of their image, name or video rights, they should consult the organiser of Miss Clevenard pageant.

* The organizer can create any type of contract, collect an invoice for the transfer of rights by any type of communication media.

* From the moment the candidate is registered for the pageant, he has to comply with the competition rules. If a candidate does not comply with the competition rules or the program, if a winner does not fulfill their obligations after winning, the winner may lose the title of queen.


Click to download the Clevenard modeling competition application form below, After downloading fill in the answers and send the field form to this whatapp number: +34 631 27 98 11 we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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