Music is a series of organized sounds in time which comprises of melody, harmony, tempo etc in other to convey a particular mood.

I really love this expanded meaning!

Day in, Day out, we all listen to one kind of music or the other.
Some are by proxy like when you are in a public place or car, train etc
The other way is a programmed and intentional listening where you choose to relax listening to a particular song.

Now from the above meaning, the essence of music is to convey a particular mood.
So, it intends to bring healing, satisfaction and strength to the listeners!

Sure, a lot of Us have not really taken out time to find out the actual mood we intend to convey to our soul where we are exposed to the music/ song of our choice.

Some sort of music convey mad thinking or probably immoral thoughts.
Our youth this days are really carried away by this sort and the result transcend to the outcome of their behavior.

Well, my school of thought?
Be mindful of what you hear or rather listen to if you really would prefer a better outcome.

Music that are moral in their messages and sane produces better output even amongst our youths, children, even the aged.

Knowing this, choose to listen to the right song so as to produce the right impulse.

I believe in good, educating, insightful, moral and above all anointed music.

What you you?