A Rejoinder To Court Verdict; Lecturers Will Leave Nigeria, ASUU President Warns.

22nd September, 2022

To say that another mass exodus of brain drain is looming in this sad scenario, will not be an understatement.

It is a dangerous reality that may break the camel's back and worsen the entire situation.

Sometime last year, Great Britain provided openings that would encourage many Nigerian experts to migrate to England for several job opportunities and they are ready to give them right of abode towards citizenship.

One of the greatest strengths of a country is the inflow of migrants that are desperate to work to increase their level of productivity and make a fair living for themselves and also, cater for the basic needs of their families.

Why do we think United States will not end the diversity immigrant visa (Green Card) in many Third World countries?

Is a reconfiguration of slavery to brain drain not a great economic comparative disadvantage to the dark continent of Africa?

Also, what is the sense in the value of labor cost that is making many in developing countries like Nigeria, to live below the poverty line? An average monthly salary of N200,000 to a universty lecturer in Nigeria is less than $400 in United States of America. What is the real value of a monthly N200, 000 in a market with a inflationary gap that is devoid all logics? A bag of rice alone is N40, 000. The price index for most of the food stuffs in the market is a great sign that, there is famine in the land. Many are dying of hunger on a daily basis. You see corpses of human beings helplessly, lying on the streets or motor ways.

In a bastardized economic system, is it not natural that human beings will seek for survival elsewhere? It is called survival of the fittest.

Is the urgent dialogue to end this imbroglio between ASUU not the best solution instead of using the industrial labor court to whip the lecturers back to the classroom against their natural right to work or not to work?

Suffice it to say, this may be counter productive and lead us nowhere.

Yes, Africa is a dark continent indeed!

In summary, the words of the ASUU President should not be seen as an empty threat. Not at all. The today reality, in the face of the unending strike between ASUU and the Buhari failed government, is that, some of the lecturers are already on their way, jetting out of the country.

Hmmm, a replay of the TV jingle in the eighties is becoming apparent; "Andrew, I am checking out"

Is Africa a desolate continent?

What a sorry situation!

Time will tell.

David Adenekan, Is The Editor Of Shekinah International Magazine And A Media Consultant. He Writes From Chicago, Illinois.


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