Know your mate - Edochie

Know your mate - Edochie

Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie is currently in the news for the wrong reasons. It's either he is being shamed for marrying a second wife or being booed for his political stance in the country.

Obviously fed up of the attacks recently, he lashed out at his social media inlaws and families prominent among them, uche Maduagwu on their being insensitive.

Social media has made people not to know their mates anymore, he stated, obviously referring to senior social media inlaw, Uche.
Everybody don turn to marriage adviser for my matter. Even mad man wey never marry na marriage adviser too. Craze man who is yet to make up his mind wether to be a man or woman, is also giving me marriage advice.
My first child is 17yrs old, in the university.
I have 4 more very handsome and intelligent children.

it’s not even confirmed wether your manhood fit stand, na you wan give me marriage advice? For the past 12yrs I have been at the top and crested my name as one of the greatest actors in Africa, what have you achieved? In 2017 I set a record as the only Nollywood actor who has contested for Governor and ran the race till the end.
Since then I've been a constant advocate for good governance.

What have you achieved within those years? Nothing, you bought a red bra. If you’re this messed up in 2022, only God knows how messed up you were in 2004, the year I got married. Na you wan advise me on marriage? Sad.This world don scatter honestly.
Social media has made people not to know their mates anymore. Any matter you see wey no concern you, you jump on it just to chase clout. Mr red bra, First of all, make up your mind wether na man or woman you wan be, then you get married.
Have children, if na manhood you get use am born, if na womb you get use am born, raise a family, achieve some successful years in marriage then you can come back and start giving marriage advice. Good luck.

Social media in-laws should please leave Yul advice.