By Dapo Douglas-M.

3rd September, 2022

“Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Seeing that the hatred for and irritations towards Dr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate has taken a bewildering and irrational dimensionality from our compatriots as regards our advocacy for a Bola Tinubu-presidency rather than objectivism, I can't but express the following harrowing posers to those concerned as the dangerously creepy and threatening 2023 elections beckons.

It's precariously and perilously looking like the narrative has become that of ethnicity now as the tacit withdrawal of the majority of the supports of the Yorubas is stemming from the excuse that the Igbos are hijacking, usurping and confiscating the Peter Obi movement.

The Igbos now stand accused of personalizing and ethnicizing the LP presidential electioneering as if the candidate being from their end of the geopolitical zone would be ruling only over them.

But is it that we expect the Igbos not to support or follow one of their own?

If no. When does or how has that become a crime?

Why has the Yorubas who have lived with the Igbos all of a sudden become irritated by them?

Are we, the Yorubas, not expressing our satisfaction with the Fulani domination by treating the Igbos this way?

Must we always seek to be dominated?

What fears are we really nursing and or what confidence do we really have in ourselves?

Some of our elite and highly learned and exposed brethren espoused the Igbos' quest to amass, appropriate and takeover Yorubaland by using Lagos State as an experimental tool and I still ask if the Igbos haven't been buying all they acquired legitimately?

Who is selling those lands to them? Are our people really true to themselves with this theory and suspicion?

If RUGA couldn't see the light of the day what makes us believe that this suppositions will?

Have we reflected on the reasons why our people and compatriots especially youths find less fancies with creativity, value propositions and hard work than our current dispositions towards making easy peanuts by selling our heritages to those deft enough to appreciate the values and usages? That obviously is and can not be the fault of the Igbos in my opinion.

Didn't our people at the Eagle Square during the APC presidential primaries booed PYO or aren't they aware that PYO is a more better presidential material compared to Tinubu?

Is Obasanjo, Dele Farotimi, the Afenifere leaders to mention a few wrong to have advocated for equity, fairness and justice in allowing the Igbos produce the president of Nigeria for once this time around?

Are the Yorubas who are ""claiming"" to be satisfied with Bola Tinubu being sincere with themselves in their hearts of hearts?

Why are the Yorubas complaining about Buhari if they are saying that nothing is wrong with Tinubu or isn't that about going the sordidly ethnic way because just two days ago the Nigerian Immigration Service revealed that the Northerners pays far less for the Nigerian passport compared to their Southern counterparts?

Or are we pretending not to know that if a third term in office is possible for Buhari that a 99% of votes from the North will still go to him without questions or stress?

If that is not ethnicism at play then what is it?

And of what form has ethnicity been of any benefit to this country or any country since we the Yorubas are beginning to start toeing the same path?

Why has the emergence of Peter Obi (someone who as an eight years Governor worked with five Northern Commissioners of police without advocating for their replacement) suddenly awaken the ''noxious ethnicity"" in us?

Is this really about Peter Obi or something undefined but sinister?

Are we, Yorubas, really objective and know what we want?

The average Yoruba man and woman desires a Yoruba Nation or Oduduwa Nation but blames the Igbos for fighting for their Biafra and I ask WHY?

Why do I all of a sudden start to feel that this is not the Yoruba tribe I used to know?

The Yoruba that I grew up and conversant with cherished objectivity, senses of equity, fairness and justice more than anything petty, mundane and trifling.

My question in summary is what has changed in us? We're definitely not succumbing or knuckling to what is better unsaid or written.

©️ Dapo Douglas-M.

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