Too precious To Be Defiled

Too precious To Be Defiled

Until recently, the issue of under aged rape and defilement has always been kept hidden and carpeted, the reason many thinks child rape is becoming rampant.
But the truth is, this abnormality has been there and it's still there.
Many don't know how hurtful and scared it is for a girl child to be alone and defenceless. The ones that thinks they do, have no idea of the fears, tears, loneliness, aches and shame, the girl child go through in a world where men feel they are like puppets to be used and disgraced and also in a world where the girl child is blamed for just being a girl and getting the attention of the man ( Beast).

Alone in a selfish society that cares for no one, she stands rejected, dejected and neglected.

This is the story of every girl child, the story of every woman drowned by societal failures and men's selfishness.

Rose was only eight years old when she was taken to the city to help her aunt who just had a baby.
Having lived all her life in the village, she saw it as a great opportunity but never imagined the price she had to pay for that.
When she was fourteen, her aunt's husband suddenly lost interest in his own wife and started eyeing Rose.
He will peep to see her nakedness in the bathroom, try to woo her when her aunt would travel and even promise her heaven on earth only if she would allow her have sex with her once, but somehow she knew it was wrong and kept refusing him.

Then one day, her uncle reported her to her aunt of being disrespectful. Her angry aunt called a friend's meeting on her and in the process of being asked, she opened up to them what he had been up to.

However, most of the ladies were not surprised as they had experienced such.
They however advice her aunt to confront the husband which she did, and as expected, he denied it.
Rose actually thought that being exposed would set her uncle straight but it didn't. Rather, he became more daring.

Her aunt invited his friends to reason with him on several occasions but their advices fell on deaf ears.
Rose will sleep with three pants and undies and tie her legs against any unexpected.
In a home where she was supposed to be happy, she became almost a total wreck, afraid to be alone at home or even sleep.

Then one night, her aunt woke her up with slaps, asking her to check her feets. She did and to her confusion, she saw sliming liquids over her legs.
She was at loss of words but her aunt accused her of finally given in to her husband's demands.
She screamed and pleaded her innocence but her tears fell on deaf ears. The funniest thing was that her three layers of panties and undies were still intact but aunt believed she allowed her hubby and wore back the protective layers

Early next morning, she was taking to a shrine for virginity test amidst slaps. The baba brought out his egg and inserted in her but the egg failed to penetrate. But although that proved her innocence, it didn't stop her aunt accusing her of not reporting to her in her sleep (, funny? Right.). But it all became clear when few weeks later, over a fight, he admitted doing what he did just to set Rose up since she wasn't giving him to his demands.

He was later taken out and were told he was being jinxed by a family member ( a cover up).

Things returned to normal after that experience, till the day he openly told his wife " since your niece refused to have sex with me, I am going to rape her, kill you and kill myself".

At this junction, her aunt realized the danger they were both into.
She sent Rose back to her family after writing her senior WAEC from a rented apartment. Aunt however pleaded that since her husband never succeeded in sleeping with her, there was no need to narrate what transpired to family members so Rose kept numb.

Years later, Aunt wanted to leave the marriage as her husband had become a public dog. Looking for sympathy, she narrated all his evil deeds to her family. And when she mentioned what he almost did to Rose, they rose against her and accused her of being her husband's accomplice.

To defend herself, she uttered words that almost ruined Rose,s entire life.. she told her family that Rose never told her of her husband's excesses.

In just that statement, Rose was branded a traitor, husband snatcher and an evil niece.
For years, for a sin she never
committed, Rose was rejected, alienated and neglected but God helped her.

Years later, all alone, she graduated but lived broken and hurt till she got married and with time, she got healed to an extent..

But for every survivor, does the pain ever really go away???

.....To be continued.

Idemudia Franca.

writer/ presenter