I happened to visit the eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu state to be precise and in the few days I realized the east is far different from the south which I reside in.

Enugu was really nice to me. During this period i realized her people are very hospitable business minded .

What intrigued me the most was to learn that on mondays, which ordinarily is the busiest day of the week they observe something called 'Sit at home' .

When I asked what it was really all about I was told that due to the Biafra uprising, that day was declared a no movement day, atleast not until 4pm, shops,schools, churches, businesses,banks etc. Everything is closed on this day and not until 4pm do you see people moving freely and a few number of petty traders on the street.

It's is known that the eastern states have been wanting to create their own country for some time now, though the federal government is refusing to oblige them.

Though alot of people may not like the idea but I see it as they have an extra Day added to their weekend. And there was light throughout the day so in some sense it wasn't entirely bad because it is like a day for families to be together, I could see children on the street playing ball and neighbors chatting which they may not really have had time to do considering everyone's busy schedule, so in a way it's just a day to reconnect and rest and prepare for the other days of the week.

The east is not as scary as a number of people paint it from the outside as I will like to visit again if I have the opportunity to. I got to see another part of Nigeria's diversity.

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