Taare Zameen Par --The DYSLEXIA story.

Taare Zameen Par --The DYSLEXIA story.

Taare Zameen Par ( like stars on Earth) is a story about a child that instantly hits every adult and child alike, portraying the adults as victims of ignorance.
Released in 2007 and directed by Aamir Khan, the story revolves around an eight years old Ishaan who suffered a lot from teachers, friends, neighbors, classmates and even his parents until a new and kind teacher identified his problem as DYSLEXIA.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty in reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how to relate to letters and words. It is a result of individual differences in areas of the brain that processes language and not due to problems with a child's intelligence.
Like the story in the intro, Ishaan willj always say to his teachers when asked to read " Ma'am, the letters are dancing", simply because of his inability to process the letters and words.

However, with excess tutoring, specialized education program and emotional support from teachers and parents, dyslexia can be well managed as there is no know cure for it now.


Statistically, over 30 % of the world population are victims of dyslexia. It signs can be difficult to recognize as it varies with severity. Below are some symptoms

1. Lateness in talking.
2. Slowness in learning new words.
3. Problems naming or remembering letters, numbers and colours.
4. Difficulty learning nursery rhymes
5. Problem in forming words rightly such as reversing letters that looks alike.
6. Reading well below the expected level for his or her age
7. Difficulty in finding the right words or forming answers to questions.
8. Inability to sound out the spelling of an unfamiliar word.
9. Difficulty in spelling
10. Spending an unusually long time completing tasks that involve reading or writing and also avoiding activities that involves reading.

Dyslexia is linked to certain genes and if left treated can lead to..
1. A child with dyslexia will have problems keeping up with Peers.
2. If left unattended, a child with dyslexia will grow up with a low self esteem, anxiety, aggression and withdrawal from friends, patents and teachers.
3. Children with dyslexia are at increased risk at having attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

What parents, teachers and caregivers do not know is that for every shout, scream and chastisement you give to a child with dyslexia, you drive him deeper into his shell. You make him worthless, your hurtful and unkind rebuke makes him or her feel inferior. You are taking away his self confidence. To sum it up, you are silently killing him. If care is not taken, you will make him or her turn out a total wreck, phychologically and mentally.

Studies shows that there is no known way to correct the underlying brain differences that causes dyslexia. However, early detention and evaluation to determine specific needs and appropriate treatment can improve success and help children become competent readers. Parents can also do well by organizing a tutoring session with a reading specialist.
In addition, it is recommended that parents work with the child's school and see how they can help the child succeed.

In conclusion, reading and more reading with self, parents, teachers, specialists etc will make a whole lot of difference.

Academic problems don't mean a child with dyslexia can't succeed. Capable students with dyslexia can be highly successful given the right resources. They are highly creative, bright and mostly gifted in maths, science and arts. So help your child find his or her forte and build on it and see him become a star you never envisaged.

This list will shock you.
The great Eistein was a victim, Tom cruise, Will Smith Whoopy Goldberg and the list is endless..but find their pictures below.

These attests to the fact that indeed every child with dyslexia can become a STAR...It rests on you and I.

Idemudia Franca,

Port Harcourt.