These protective gear give you more peace of mind when exercising!

Whether it’s kicking, playing, or going out for a run, we all need to protect our legs and knees, so today, I will introduce you to several sports protective gear, so that you can exercise with more confidence!

Sports protective gear, a tool to protect you from injury during sports. Generally, it can be divided into head protector, shoulder protector, hand protector, elbow protector, wrist protector, waist protector, leg protector, knee protector, ankle protector, combined sports protector and other sports protector. Although there are many types of sports protective gear, it is not necessary to wear all of them in every sport during sports and competitions. It is necessary to choose the necessary protective gear for different sports, and to effectively protect the easily injured parts. Can.

1 sports glove

Wearing fitness gloves, with soft gloves to improve comfort and protect the palms, can improve sports performance and make fitness more efficient.

Application Scenarios The usage scenarios are very wide, and can be used in cycling, front squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

2 lumbar support

Relieve the pressure on the lumbar spine, the four cartilages are supported separately, relieve the pressure on the spine, reduce the occurrence of injuries, and help you sweat and lose weight more effectively.

Can be used in many sports scenarios such as running, fitness workouts, muscle training, abdominal strength to lose weight and keep fit.

3 Back Posture Corrector

Correct bad posture, release physical fatigue, and improve temperament image. Apply even force to the shoulders, waist, and abdomen of the body, keeping the body straight up at all times.

4 waist support

Sweat belts can solve the problem that most fitness enthusiasts do not protect themselves, help support the skeletal muscles of the waist, reduce the occurrence of injuries, and help you sweat and lose weight more effectively.

5 magnetic shoulder braces

Provides stable support for shoulder points, promotes blood circulation, reduces swelling, improves muscle and bone twitching, and relieves sprains and muscle soreness caused by sports activities. Minimize unsafe exercise, prevent re-injury and promote faster recovery time after surgery. Reversible shoulder support relieves pain, swelling and inflammation from sprains and training, shoulder dislocation rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and arthritis

6 neck guards

Effective traction can relieve neck muscle spasm, relieve pain symptoms, expand intervertebral space and intervertebral foramen, help stabilize the prominent nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus, relieve and relieve nerve root compression and irritation, promote nerve root edema absorption, relieve Compression of the vertebral body against the vertebral body. Arteries, promote blood circulation, help local congestion and swelling subside, relax the joint capsule, improve and restore the hook joint, adjust the dislocation and slippage of the facet joint, adjust and restore the internal and external balance of the damaged cervical spine, and restore the normal function of the cervical spine.

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