Entertain your self

Waking up early as it is in my custom, to meet up with dressing kids and dropping them in school then head up to work. Well, it's 5am auuch! Can I really meet up today? Seeing my body still needs more sleep as I slept late last night. On a second thought, I will change the meal and just package some cereals for their school today. Got to the office and realized after all my efforts still got to the office late. Over the weekend, I decided to take a stroll just to see a sight that got me thinking that life is just an empty vapor! Is this all we get after trading on earth? So why the hustle and bustle? What's in all these for me? Okay, let me calm your nerves by telling you what happened. Someone I used to know around my vicinity, I admire a lot, left for work and the next I heard was she is at the mortuary! And painfully, I saw her in the morning, we chatted a bit. I asked inquisively what led to her sudden death and what I heard left me in awe. She works round the clock never had time to rest, not even with her kids. They kids told me " our mom is always busy and never had time to play with Us nor take us out!" With so much money, she never lived to enjoy it? Create time to entertain yourself cos if you don't people will be entertained when you are gone. They will eat rice and salad on your grave. They will drink malt, red wine and all of that celebrating a life well spent. Hmmm! Was it really a life well spent??? If I may ask? Don't be too busy to spoil yourself because you are all you've got. Yes! You are just all you've got, there's no duplicate of you, if you are gone then you are gone. Only if the most high chooses to give you a second chance. Know your limits in your hustle and respect it. Give yourself the best treat while you can and entertain yourself!!! At your leisure, play your favorite music and dance, dance, dance!!! Music soothes and heals: anointed music of course! Enjoy the groove, life has no duplicate! So I learnt a lesson then retrace my steps!!!