Advantages of hydraulic lifting dam

The world's best movable dam - hydraulic lifting dam was born in China. Its advanced nature is a qualitative breakthrough to the traditional movable dam. It is manifested in the following aspects:

1. Low cost

The overall cost of hydraulic lifting dams is only a fraction of that of sluices and rubber dams of the same size. The movable dam part is the same as the ordinary flap door, which is lower than the hydraulic flap door. The width of the top of the fixed weir is only required to be equal to the height of the movable dam, so the overall engineering investment is the lowest.

2. The hydraulic lifting dam is firm and reliable in structure and has a long service life.

After the dam surface is raised, a stable supporting pier structure and a fixed triangular support are formed. The mechanical structure is the most scientific and the ability to resist flood shock is extremely strong. The service life is more than 50 years.

3. The flood discharge capacity of the hydraulic lifting dam is unparalleled.

After the movable dam surface is brought down, the dam surface is only 20 cm higher than the top of the fixed weir to achieve the same flood discharge effect as no dam. Therefore, even a catastrophic flood, which occurs once in a thousand years, will not cause damage to it. It has good effects on flooding, washing sand, and discharging floating objects. During the wet season, no objects can be seen on the riverbed, which neither affects flood control nor shipping. Therefore, there is no need to build a ship lock.

Fourth, the hydraulic lifting dam has a high degree of automation.

The buoy switch is used to control, operate the hydraulic system, achieve unmanned management, and realize the automatic lifting and lowering of the movable dam surface according to the flood fluctuation.

5. The sealing effect is good, and the maintenance and management costs are low.

There are important innovations in the sealing and water-stopping of hydraulic lifting dams, which can not only be leak-proof, but also can be used for ten years. Components are durable, easy to replace, and inexpensive.

6. Beautiful dam shape, artificial waterfall

The dam body can be designed in an arc shape. The dam surface can be sprayed with colors and patterns. The height of the movable dam surface can be adjusted and demonstrated at will. When there are floating objects, just control the hydraulic system, it can be easily washed away, and the water will be clear. When the upstream water volume is large, waterfall landscapes and water curtain promenade wonders are formed, which can be viewed by tourists. An active dam body that can be lifted and lowered at will through manual operation, making the artificial waterfall dynamic (it can be called: dancing waterfall), it can be used as a new tourist attraction, a world-first high-tech attraction, and it will definitely have a great effect on tourists. attractive.