August 21st, 2023.

….. Says Policy Has Further Impoverished Nigerians.

The palliatives put into place by the Administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to cushion the unsavoury effects of the Oil Subsidy Removal only aim at further impoverishing poor Nigerians as it is not just badly managed but so humiliating than the food crumbs flaking and falling down for dogs beneath the table of its master.

This and many more are the queries from the Publicity Secretary of NADECO USA, Comrade David Adenekan, in a statement released on Monday, August 21, 2023 to journalists.

The group, in the statement noticed with utter dismay and in an undignified manner, how a 10 Kilogram bag of rice was being distributed as palliative to a whole community in Kwara state, Nigeria to ameliorate the effects of the oil subsidy removal.

Is the ruling All Progressives Congress not taking the pains and anguish of the citizens of Nigeria for granted? Is the APC truly serious with the removal of oil subsidy by Tinubu's administration on the first day in office, wherein he wrongfully hit the ground running by removing the oil subsidy without the appropriate control measures to cushion the effects of the hardship on the citizens?

NADECO USA notes that the untimely removal of the oil subsidy without appropriate steps to cushion the effects, was a wrong decision in the first place and to now add salt to the injury by offering the citizens a palliative that is worse than the crumbs a dog eats from its master's table, is a great national embarrassment.

Why is this current administration playing on the people's intelligence by not taking the bull by the horn in doing the needful by tackling it headlong the cushioning of the effects of oil subsidy removal?

That we have been reduced to a nation sharing rations of grains when God forbids no disaster has occurred, pandemic was over as in COVID 19’s turbulence and per adventure this is not election season, cannot be over emphasized.

The question is, will 10 kg grain of rice go round a family size of 3 people not to talk of multitude people in a community?

It is instructive and disappointing to watch how opeople are queuing for food handouts and only to realize that, at the end of the day in one instance (Kwara state, Nigeria) that 10 kg bag of rice was the portion per ward. A single grain would definitely go round every individual in such community and would be an indelible legacy for which to remember this administration by.

NADECO USA will not sit back and allow the current ruling party, APC to continue to impoverish the mass majority of Nigerian citizens and commit many, to their early graves due to the implementation of bad policy that has driven food away from the table of many Nigerians .
To this end we are calling on all concerned citizens including Labour Unions, Trade Unions, Human Rights Organizations, Professional Bodies, International Labour Organisations (ILO) and Food Agricultural Organisation (FAO) to join hands in the demand for a national emergency on security in Nigeria- a prelude to the declaration of state of emergency on food security because with the way and rate events are unraveling, acute starvation with its concomitant related deadly diseases are knocking on our doors.

This is coupled with the alarming and increasing rate in crimes that is making the country unsafe for the people to live, it is going to be the survival of the fittest if there are no concerted efforts to nip it in the bud.

"A stitch in time saves nine."

WE MOVE......


David Adenekan

Publicity Secretary, NADECO USA.

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