Digital Horizons: Bridging Cultures, Empowering Innovation in The Gambia

The 21st-century advancements in information and communication technology have revolutionized the art of marketing.

Clevenard Open Project proudly presents a dynamic event in the realm of The Gambia Digital Marketing. Prepare yourselves for illuminating Seminar, captivating Exhibition, and unparalleled opportunities to Connect with the Diaspora, spanning the bustling cities of Sinchu Alhagie, in The Gambia on 30 July 2024,

Under the banner of "Clevenard Open Project Seminar: Empowering Minds, Shaping the Future of Information Dissemination and Digital Marketing," we extend a cordial invitation to immerse yourselves in the forefront of innovation and growth.

This communication serves as a beacon to all Clevenard friends globally: anticipate the possibility of our initiative gracing our country the gambia with its transformative presence.

Event Details:
Insight Training Centre,
Sinchu Alagie,
Ahmad Ba Junction
The Gambia

For booking please contact Number: +220 313 3159

Thank you for your attentive anticipation.

For general information, please message +34 631 27 98 11.

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