- A Comprehensive Social Networking Platform - A Comprehensive Social Networking Platform A Social Networking Platform for Everything is a versatile social networking platform designed to cater to all your needs, whether personal or business-related. With a wide array of tools and features, you can promote anything you want. Here’s how you can make the most of

Key Features


  • Create and Share Content: Write and share blog posts to engage with your audience and promote your ideas, products, or services.
  • Monetize Your Blog: Earn revenue through sponsored posts and ad placements within your blog content.


  • Buy and Sell: List your products or services in the Clevenard marketplace to reach a wide audience.
  • Featured Listings: Pay to have your listings featured prominently to increase visibility and sales.


  • Host and Promote Events: Create and promote events, sell tickets, and manage RSVPs all in one place.
  • Sponsored Events: Businesses can sponsor events to increase their brand visibility and reach.


  • Create and Join Groups: Connect with like-minded individuals or communities by creating or joining groups that match your interests.
  • Premium Group Features: Access advanced management tools and exclusive content with premium group subscriptions.

Introducing Clevenard Super Shop

Clevenard Super Shop stands as an eminent online marketplace dedicated to partnering with manufacturers worldwide. Our primary objective is to represent and promote their products effectively, facilitating sales, marketing, and seamless introduction to target markets.

Marketing & Advertising Hub

Renowned for our comprehensive suite of services, Clevenard Super Shop serves as a distinguished marketing and advertising hub. Our array of offerings encompasses strategic consulting, management solutions, and diverse marketing tactics, including personalized one-on-one Street Marketing initiatives, among others.

Introducing Clevenard Virtual Credits!

Clevenard Virtual Credits offer a flexible, pay-as-you-go advertising package for businesses and individuals who want to promote their offerings without committing to a monthly fee.

How It Works:

  • Purchase with Real Money: Buy Clevenard Virtual Credits with real money through vendors, sales outlets, or directly on
  • Various Uses: Use your virtual credits to send gifts, create events, post classified ads, access premium features, and more.
  • Enhanced Interactions: Reward engagement, show appreciation, and foster a stronger sense of community by sending gifts or rewards with Clevenard Virtual Credits.
  • Gifting Subscriptions: Pay for someone else's Clevenard membership as a token of appreciation or to support those who can't afford it.

Subscription Policy:

  • Flexibility: Choose between monthly or yearly subscriptions, with yearly plans offering automatic renewal at a discounted rate.
  • Upload Limits: Subscription plans come with upload limits. Exceeding these limits requires deleting old content to upload new items.
  • Ad Pricing: Sponsored ads cost 300 Virtual Credits per product or service, with each edit costing an additional 300 Virtual Credits.

Pricing for Pay-As-You-Go Users on Clevenard:

  • Regular Users: Signing up is free, but actions like posting an advert, sending gifts, or messages cost Clevenard credit coins.
  • Posting Ads: 300 Virtual Credits per post for classifieds, gifts, and events.
  • Featuring Posts on the Homepage: 50 euros per post for featuring content like pictures, events, podcasts, and classified ads.

Web Banner Ads:

  • Content (bottom and top) Banner Ads:
    • A Month: €200.00 per banner
    • A Year: €2,300.00 per banner
  • User Profile Mid-Page (logged in and public) Banner Ads:
    • A Month: €200.00 per banner
    • A Year: €2,300.00 per banner
  • TV Page Banner Ads:
    • A Month: €300.00 per banner
    • A Year: €3,500.00 per banner

All Features on

  • Create a Profile: Set up your personal or business profile to connect with others.
  • Multiple Profile Types: Choose from various profile types to suit your needs.
  • User Groups and Membership: Join or create groups and manage memberships to build communities.
  • Browse and Search: Easily find content, users, and groups with advanced browsing and search options.
  • Privacy Options: Control who sees your content with robust privacy settings.
  • Security and Anti-Spam: Enjoy a secure experience with our advanced security measures and anti-spam protection.
  • Duplicate Registration Prevention: Prevent multiple accounts to maintain a trustworthy community.
  • Content Reporting: Report inappropriate content to keep the community safe.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Improve your visibility with built-in SEO tools.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs: Benefit from clean, SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Multi-Language Support: Use in multiple languages.
  • Time Zones and Time Formatting: Customize time settings to match your location.
  • Private Messaging: Communicate privately with other users.


  • Timeline: Share updates and engage with others through your timeline.
  • Friends and Favorites: Add friends and mark favorites to stay connected.
  • Profile Visitors: See who has visited your profile.
  • Comments: Engage with content through comments.
  • Votes and Likes: Show appreciation for content with votes and likes.
  • Social Network Sharing: Share Clevenard content on other social networks.
  • Feedback: Provide and receive feedback to improve your experience.

In summary, is a comprehensive platform where you can promote anything and everything. Sign up today and start posting to take advantage of all the features and tools available to you.