Weusi Worldwide Profile: An Introduction to Weusi Worldwide

Weusi Worldwide Profile: An Introduction to Weusi Worldwide

Making up the duo are “Ngozi Nyeusi” and “Fololo”. The reason for the name Weusi Worldwide is a fully conscious intention to celebrate black beauty and black people all over the world. In essence, the guys are proud to black and want to share this positivity with the world. While they’re at it, they’re keen to represent and promote African culture through their music.

Born and raised in the beautiful Lakeside city of Kisumu, this talented duo actually grew up in the same estate and went to the same high school with Ngozi being a few years ahead of Fololo. They guys are almost like brothers and their love for each other keeps them together like family. Weusi Worldwide write their own songs and at the heart of it have a deep level of respect for each other’s musical ability which makes the writing/recording process even more meaningful for both of them. Happy to be surrounded by a solid team and good support, the duo is aiming for not just local but international success too!

Both musicians in their own right coming from other bands, Ngozi and Fololo always knew they wanted careers in music – Ngozi chiefly a rapper and Fololo a singer. After years of doing their own thing with other people and as solo acts, Ngozi decided to reach out to Fololo who was then living in Tanzania, and bring him back home to Kenya so they could start something together as a duo. One project with famous Ogopa Deejays producer Lucas Bikedu told them enough – they sounded good together and wanted to go on. They finally put legs to a dream they both shared growing up and connected with Main Switch Studios that produced their new single ‘Tamani’. The musical journey hasn’t been easy or short for either of these talented guys from ‘the 254’ but the decision to team up is paying off big.


For the guys, Weusi is a concept of family that symbolises the crew they grew up with. It goes well back to times before the duo ever recorded a song together in studio, as far back as 2010 when they were just thinking about it. It wasn’t until 2016 that they stepped into the booth together and made their first record ’Mau Mau’, a socially and politically conscious song about their home country Kenya.

For the guys, Weusi is a concept of family that symbolises the crew they grew up with. It goes well back to times before the duo ever recorded a song together in studio, as far back as 2010 when they were just thinking about it. It wasn’t until 2016 that they stepped into the booth together and made their first record ’Mau Mau’, a socially and politically conscious song about their home country Kenya.

With their sights set on local and international acclaim, the guys are poised to be the breakout band to watch in 2019 with a refreshing sound aptly named Urban Good Vibes – music that’s very in touch with what’s classic and trendy but also easy listening on an enjoyable beat.

Urban Good Vibes is a smooth amalgamation of music from different genres to create a sound that’s feelgood, contemporary and still African with elements of Hip Hop. It’s music made for celebrations, happy moments and even low moments when you need a pick-me-up song to encourage you. Weusi want their fans to feel inspired, happy and find strength and courage when they need it. The clean and positive lyrics are very intentional. Weusi Worldwide are big on creating original music and are currently avoiding sampling anyone else’s music as they build their name. They write their own songs and enjoy being able to bring different perspectives to the experience each time. To the guys, music is an international language that they want use to speak powerfully and positively into the lives of their fans and listeners.

2019 Summer Single -“Tamani”

They say they don’t make them like they used to but this hot duo is bringing serious heat to the game with music that’s feelgood, easy-listening and still attention-grabbing. A nod to Afrobeat, Hip Hop and Dancehall, Tamani is ‘another one fi di gyal dem’! That’s right, dropping their new summer single as a duo, Weusi Worlwide have made a song for the ladies and it’s all good vibes and smooth grooves.

Tamani is a song about a beautiful girl from the hood that all the guys want, but with all that, she’s playing hard to get. Truth be told, the song is a serenade, and Ngozi and Fololo are all over it lyrically and vocally, making a strong show of their musical ability to win this girl over. The guys are so taken with her, they just have to let her know!

The smooth sounds of this record produced by renowned producer Phillip Makanda of Main Switch Studios, creates a warm web of beats, chords and melodies that deliver a sweet catchy arrangement that’s hard to resist. Even if you don’t like to dance, this jam is bound to make you sway! Together the guys wrote the song Tamani, each with each his own verse, finally working on the chorus together.

A point To make!
Do they compare themselves to anyone?

No. Charting a new course with a different sound, the guys are not looking to compete with other musicians but recognise that at a time like this in Kenya’s music industry, they have a special opportunity to bring something new. Weusi Worldwide are excited to give fans and critics alike, music they can appreciate for its good content and great sound - they’re all about spreading those Urban Good Vibes!

Message from their song ‘Tamani

It’s not just empty words and careless praise from these lads on their latest love jam! They want their ladies to know that they are special, and how much they want to treat them right

Fololo is the ‘funny one’ of the pair and describes himself as charismatic, confident and quiet, and at a deeper level; introverted, humble and kind. Fololo is your classic romantic who loves love and will serenade a girl from end to end!

It was in class 4 when he watched a musical that he realised he wanted to be an artist. Later in class 5, Fololo joined the drama club and found himself playing leading roles both singing and dancing. The first gig he ever had as a musician was at a Kiwi promotion in Kisumu.

His biggest musical aspiration is to tour the world with his music and reach the highest peak possible in his career. While keeping a cool head as he journeys there, Fololo’s everyday work besides business involves playing live gigs with a band, and his continued dedication to offering music therapy to patients at Mater Hospital.

His everyday style is smart casual or just casual cool but “F1” as some people call him, keeps one thing consistent – the inside’s got to look as good as the outside. Yes, the guy loves to work out and keeps his body in good shape underneath – shirtless is also a look!

As a musician he looks up to both local and international artists like Nyashinksi, Burna Boy and Vybz Kartel. When it comes to legends that inspire him, three make the list - Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and James Brown.

Music he enjoys listening to: Dancehall and Reggae with a soft spot for anything with an African beat. He also loves Jazz and Rhumba and will on a good day listen to a bit of everything.

Ngozi Nyeusi

Ngozi Nyeusi, the ‘serious one’ of the two in his own words is jovial, social and charming. In truth, he’s quite the bear – sweet, friendly, highly accommodating and almost cuddly from up close, but before you get to know him (or if you cross him!), you’ll meet the serious, ‘doesn’t mess around’ side of this rapper. The combination is fascinating!

Ngozi studied cardiology and nutrition at the Mombasa Polytechnic and Utalii College respectively. Today, he is a close protection officer and personal trainer to a well-known Kenayan politician. He’s also a sharpshooter, martial artist and boxer besides playing the tumba drums.

His interest in music is God-given and was sparked many years ago when he started rapping at the Florida 2000 Jam Sessions every Sunday. He looks up to both local and international artists like Khaligraph Jones, Sauti Sol, Professor Jay, Jay Z, Nas, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. On music legends that have inspired him: Notorious BIG, Michael Jackson, Tupac, SWV, Zhane and TLC make the list.

As a man, Ngozi has a heart for underprivileged children in society and currently supports a charity called the Valisha Jamii Campaign, which is aims at giving each and every child equal access to a decent meal and clothing. As an artist who writes his own lyrics, he’s inspired by what happens in society and is somewhat of social educator through his music.


Fololo Birthday: May 5th Family: He’s the 2nd born and has 14 siblings Relationship Status: Married, and they have a beautiful little girl Studied: Music and Arts at Tazama Music School Motto: Everything is possible. Hobbies: Dancing, playing guitar and video games Special skills: He’s actually a very good cook! Fave colours: White or Blue are sure to put him in a good mood. Least fave house chore: Doing the dishes What moves him? Selflessness, kindness and new-borns Pet peeve: Laziness and someone singing off-key Plays guitar and percussion Prized personal attribute: His patience.

Ngozi Nyeusi Birthday: February 1st Family: He’s the 3rd born out of 4 siblings Relationship Status: Complicated Enjoys listening to: RnB, Afropop and Reggae Everyday style is casual, calm and cool Motto: No limit. Everything is possible Hobbies: Playing basketball, dancing, rapping and weightlifting Fave colour: Has a thing for all the colours on the Kenyan flag but black puts him in a good mood. Fave house chore: Cooking, good at it too! Most touched by: People sharing with the less fortunate in the society and empowering the less privileged. Pet peeve: Tribalism and ethnic profiling Plays the tumba drum Prized personal attribute: His ambition – ‘never stop till it’s done’