BIOGRAPHY – HSM Ambassador Yeye Lara Fashola

BIOGRAPHY – HSM Ambassador Yeye Lara Fashola

HSM Ambassador Yeye Lara Fashola, high promoter and custodian of the Yoruba culture and tradition, was born into the popular Fashola family of Isalegangan, Lagos Island. She is a woman of many qualities and honour. A wife, mother, priestess, intellectual, entrepreneur, politician, role model, feminist, activist, egalitarian, trail-blazer, and serial philanthropist.

The royal blood strongly flows through the veins of Yeye Lara, a descendant of the Ooni Ajagun Ademiluyi the 48th ruler of the 3rd Ife Dynasty.

She is equally unblemished royalty from the Great Benin Kingdom.

Her multifaceted entrepreneurial nature can be an embodiment of values inherited from the great Thomas Augustus Adu, her maternal great-grandfather, whose vision revolutionized the confectionery business in colonial Nigeria.

The combination of these prestigious blood lines is constantly evident in her beautiful demeanor, career, work, and life as a maritime lawyer, custodian of Yoruba tradition and culture, and an accomplished business woman in both the maritime industry and healthcare sector.

She is a Cultural Ambassador with the African Union Economic, Social, and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) and the Grand Matron of the Southern Youth Association of Nigeria and YOMAFA, which recognizes Yoruba sons and daughters making strides in different spheres of life.

Yeye Lara was recently proclaimed the Oluase Olokun Agbaye in the Benin Kingdom-a position that can be likened to the highest ranked position of priesthood in any religion. She was recently conferred Yeye of The House of Basea, a conglomerate in the United States of America.
The high priestess of the Orisas holds multiple traditional titles and recognition globally.

Just as she is a mother to many children across the globe, so too does she hold many titles. Among these are: Oluase Olokun Worldwide, Yeye Olokun Olosa, Yeye Bobagunwa Akinlalu, Yeye Asipa Gbongan, Yeye Aare Parakoyi Esa Oke, Yeye Bashorun Oku Omoni, Yeye Laje of Ipetumodu, Erelu Iwase Oto-Awori, and Erelu Ifewara.

She is an active player in the Nigerian political scene and a valued member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), with her impact felt in political education and mobilisation. Yeye Lara is equally passionate about the proliferation of knowledge and its contribution to global discourse. As a result, she finds time to lecture and teach people about Yoruba spirituality, particularly black Americans.

She was recently appointed the South West Commander of the Peace Marshals of Nigeria, an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tasked with maintaining cordiality, peace, and stability. In addition, she was installed as Matron of the Police Community Relations Committee in the nation's capital, Abuja.

Owing to her philanthropic attributes, she established a non-governmental foundation called the Olokun Foundation, where support and grants are given to women and children across Africa. It is worthy to note that, apart from the above attributes, her passion for humanity drives her to interact with people at the grassroots and across all classes in society.

She has received countless notable awards at home and abroad, amongst which are the recent Eko Cultural Ambassador and Oduduwa Special Recognition Award as the Most Influential Woman in recognition of her contribution to society socially, financially, and spiritually.

It is worthy to note that Olodumare and the deities are working wonders through Yeye Lara Fashola with numerous testimonies given by people from all over the world. She hosts the annual Olokun Festival in Lagos, which attracts hundreds of thousands of lovers of tradition and cultural enthusiasts from all over the world.

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