When you're designing a custom interior sign, you have several options for materials, including plastic, wood, glass, and a handful of metals. Ideally, you'll choose a material that best reflects your brand or the message of your sign. If that material is stainless steel, you're in luck. Stainless steel signs signal strength and industriousness to your clients. If your business is about offering protection, stability, or innovation, stainless steel can help communicate that to customers. Plus, it offers five other excellent advantages we'll detail below.

Eye-Catching Shine
Stainless steel is a highly reflective metal that gives off a pleasant shine. It helps catch people's attention, especially when it is also the focal point of a room, as a lobby sign or other custom interior sign should be. If you use stainless steel for an outdoor sign, a sunny day will charmingly light it up.

Stainless Steel Sign

As stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant you can use it for both outdoor and indoor signs. You can expect a long life out of these signs, as long as you occasionally maintain them. When you need to invest in a permanent sign that will broadcast your brand for the long-haul, choose stainless steel.

Cost-Effective Metal
Stainless steel is quite cost effective as a sign material, especially as compared to other metals. Bronze, gold, and copper, or fake versions of these metals, can be more expensive. With a stainless steel sign, you get the benefits of metal without the disadvantages.

Completely Customizable
Many custom indoor signs need to be just that, very custom. If you're thinking of an unusual shape, unique font or another uncommon design choice, stainless steel can be manufactured to fit your unique vision exactly.

Stainless Steel Sign

Just Add a Bit of Steel
You don't need to make a whole sign out of stainless steel. This material is "neutral" that can be combined with several other materials to great effect. Consider adding stainless steel lettering on a plastic sign or combining wood and stainless steel for an industrial look. There are many other possible combinations that can work for your brand.

Ready to Try A Stainless Steel Sign?
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