A welcome Address Presented by Chief Felix Omi Imoisili, the Ojomon of Igueben kingdom on the occasion of the new yam festival "IHUAN".in Igueben, Edo State.

A welcome Address Presented by Chief Felix Omi Imoisili, the Ojomon of Igueben kingdom on  the occasion of the new yam festival "IHUAN".in Igueben, Edo State.

His Royal Majesty, the Onogie of Igueben and Okaigun of Esan land, Ehizogie Eluojerior 1, JP, distinguished Enigie of Esan land present, distinguished Royal Highnesses of other Kingdoms, our good friends who have been specially invited to grace this occasion, Government functionaries including the political leaders and representatives of our people at the various levels of government, the Chiefs and elders of council of the traditional institution of Igueben kingdom, distinguished sons and daughters of Igueben from everywhere and from the diaspora communities who are here to grace this annual ceremony.
The fourth realm of the press, the media practitioners, ladies and gentlemen.

It gives me great pleasure and privilege to welcome everyone to this traditional, but historical annual festival of thanksgiving to God almighty as demonstrated by the huge harvest of new yams that has characterized this Kingdom from time immemorial.

You would recall the same period last year, we had a similar event, characterized by a different shades of colours of our collective efforts as a people known from time immemorial as rich in the harvest of tree and cash crops, and in particular the harvest of yams.
This is not an accidental event. It is a time -honoured, an annual traditional festival that brings together the various communities of sons and daughters that make up the Igueben Kingdom.
It is of unique interest of identity that a historical account of the origin of Igueben Kingdom is never complete until a reference is made to the IDAH WAR which occurred in 1515 and 1516, in which the great warrior and founder of Igueben, Eben, a loyalist of Oba Esigie, asked for permission after winning the war to settle in a geographical space, created by God, because of the luxurious growth of the remains of the yam they had eaten in their battle path. Oba Esigie granted the request allowing Eben, the General and his foot soldiers, to settle at Igue- Eben (land of plenty and fertility).

The settlement had become today the city of Igueben, the headquarter of Igueben LGA.

There is already a book “History of Igueben Kingdom,& Biography of HRM , Ehizogie Eluojerior 1 ( JP) compiled by Dr Pascal Ebhohimen, the Ewaen of Igueben Kingdom, detailing the account of the history of Igueben and the Biography of HRM for your perusal.

Today, what is significant in the “Ihuan “is the fact of its continuity and its up scaling to a different level by HRM, the Onogie of Igueben, with his strategic foresight and visionary zeal to reposition the Kingdom for a greater prosperity. There is a museum you can, take a step, visit to get a glimpse of its rich cultural and traditional heritage; its memorial of a new yam festival “Ihuan “which has historical underpinnings.

The new yam festival has been a week long event, made up of a series of traditional activities held daily until today. It culminates in the grand finale of new yams display by the various wards, presented in a competitive manner as to reflect their levels of productivity and performance in relative terms by the various sub communities in Igueben kingdom.

Prizes are usually awarded by HRM to the 1st, 2nd and 3 rd highest performing wards in this emerging culture of competition and to some individuals who have excelled overall.

We are going to witness and enjoy different presentations of dances, songs, music, customs, costumes, masquerade, etc to the admiration of every one. It is a blend of cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation.

I like to point out as I welcome you that the last few days had witnessed a unique cultural and traditional “age group” ceremony in which young men who have reached a particular age were elevated or “promoted “ as it were to a higher age group. A major milestone in the life of every Son that happens once in the reign of every traditional ruler. This is happening now, twice in the reign of our present Onogie.
We thank God almighty by His grace has taken our paramount King, Zaiki, through a period of over 3 decades on the throne, precisely 37 years of glorious reign on the throne, making it possible and an offering an opportunity for this milestone event in the life of every Son of Igueben kingdom to go through this ritual. Indeed, a wonderful initiative on the part of HRM.

Today, you will enjoy every bit of our tradition and custom even as our Royal Highness welcomes everyone to His palace.
On behalf of HRM, I welcome everyone.
Enjoy your stay in this historical town known for yam cultivation and production resulting in rich harvest. Pounded yam is available and plenty; and everyone is good to partake in it as we feast together in LOVE and CARE for each other in the hospitality of Igueben Kingdom.
Long live HRM, long reign our Onogie. The sustained preservation of our cultural heritage: The New Yam “Ihuan” is what we are celebrating today.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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