Yesterday night, the sleek aircraft with ObiDient livery landed at Benin Airport. Though it was night and the information was not dispersed, there was a sizeable crowd of Labour party supporters on hand to welcome him, the Labour Party National Chairman – Barrister Abure – and several other dignitaries into the ancient city. The Chairman’s fedora hat was conspicuous as he guided Dr. Peter Obi to his car as good host welcoming the Presidential candidate to his state.

Significantly, the Team would be going to Auchi, the commercial and political hub of Edo North Senatorial District. He will be received by teeming supporters who will escort him to the revered Otaru of Auchi’s palace for a courtesy visit. It is expected that the monarch would give his blessings to this candidate whose phenomenal following across Nigeria and abroad is unprecedented. It will not be surprising if the king asks Obi to come to his people’s rescue by way of infrastructure when he takes the reigns in May 2023. Today it is impossible to go by road from Auchi to Benin as the federal road is in total disrepair and the contract awarded for the dualisation of the Benin Okene Road and commenced under GEJ administration is yet to go anywhere seven and half years later! Auchi is very Obidient. It was the first town to organize and Obidient rally in Edo state in the backyard of a former khaki-wearing potentate whose godfather-general aspirations were cut short in 2020.

From Auchi, the campaign train moves to Uromi, the heartbeat of Edo State and home of political juggernauts and Nigeria’s democratic arrowhead Tony Enahoro. This visit to Esanland – Edo Central Senatorial District - is significant. The National Chairman of Labour Party - Barrister Julius Abure – hails from the senatorial district. Today, he is both a visitor and a host. The biggest party infrastructure donated by and individual to the Labour Party/Obidient revolution – a four story edifice in a strategic location – is situated in Uromi town. The complex was donated by Bishop Matthew Akhaze Okpebholo – a non-political clergy man and philanthropist who has been investing in the youth through educational scholarships, educational institutions infrastructure and enterprise. His Excellency Dr. Peter Gregory Obi will commission that complex today and will once again be encouraged that Nigerians are ready to carry him on their shoulders as he pilot our affairs to the Promised Land. No force on earth can stop the birthing of an idea whose time has come.

Peter Obi is visiting the land that has produced Chairmen of Nigerian Political Parties of note. Tony Anenih was Chairman of SDP, Chief Ikimi, NRC, and now Barrister Abure is Chairman of Labour party destined to form the next government at the center! Welcome to the home of chairmen that make things happen. Abure knows the road and those with him will arrive destination. He has full home support as will be visible for all to see today as Uromi bubbles for Peter Obi and the Obidient train!

Edo South, the home of all Edo People and Benin City, the cosmopolitan seat of the Benin Empire would be the final stop of today’s campaign train. Peter Obi will visit the Royal Majesty in his magnificent palace to pay obeisance to our swagalicious Omon’Oba Ewuare II. It is expected to be a colourful ceremony as usual. From the Palace he will move through the iconic Ring Road (Kingsquare) to the venue of the rally at Baptist Convention Centre near Oliha Market. This Edo South Visit and Rally is expected to be huge if the October 1 2 Million Man Match is used as a measure. Edo is Obidient. Even the current Chief Executive said so himself! The rain that fell yesterday was meant to reduce the dust that will inevitably steered by Obidient crowds that will fill the city today in spite of the old tricks of making suitable venues unavailable. We have thought those shenanigans were gone with the past but it does look like bad habits die hard.

Peter Obi has a message. The message of hope. He will be delivering it today, live at the Baptist Convention Center. Get ready to join your countrymen at that venue to welcome Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed – a duo that fits the future we seek for ourselves and our children. Do not stay behind and get involved in ancestral political worship. That would give you a month of temporary happiness but what of the greater future of this country? You really should not be lying to yourself that things can get better with those same people that got it worse for all of us. With people that run away from debates and are busy telling us that it is the account and not the owner that was sued? You want to stay with those that sold our commonwealth and pocketed the proceeds and want to use it to buy you after buying primaries delegates? Is that the side you want to be and then start stammering when your children ask you in the future why you joined those that failed them?

That is the choice before us. I have made mine. Do not be afraid to make yours. There is no fence to sit on this time around. All the fences have barbed wires