Zweli Dukwana Music - Bio

Zweli, was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He lived in Langa up to the age of 6 then moved to Eastern Cape and school in Mdantsane. He started singing at a very young age in the chrch where his father was a pastor. He won various competitions. When growing up he won best male voice and best tenor. Sadly after that his father as pastor was transferred back to Langa, Cape Town
Then when he arrives in Cape Town he joined a band called Abavuki. His cousin Thando and friend Sabu introduced him to the band. There was no limits. They toured all over Asia and Europe. They had full house in most of their concerts.
When the band returned from tour, Zweli went to perform with Abakhaya. They too were unstoppable and tour in Netherlands, France and the Prince of Seychelles birthdays parties year.
They have also been performing at Mama Africa Longs street for the last 15 years. They have also performed at various functions.

With the COVID-19 lockdown, Zweli focussed on his song writing and composing an lot of new songs.
His first recording after the lockdown was Sibabonile and immediately made a music video.
Ubomi was recorded after he lost five close family memebers and friends. It’s All Right was recorded right after.
He has a lot of originals that he will still record

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