Of ASUU and a faulty Educational system in Nigeria!!!

Of ASUU and a faulty Educational system in Nigeria!!!

8 months gone!!!

And they are being called to resume!!!

Before you know it, fiamm...them go rush semester and complete a section in four months so it seems they didn't miss out on anything!!!

They will graduate medical students, half cooked by next year!!!

But wait, who are we deceiving?

We all know the truth, yes each and everyone of us.. the government, our leaders, the rich and even the poor. The only difference is that while the rich and our leaders has figured out an alternative, the poor is left to sink in it, with no way out.

Hmm, we keep working round in circle without us thinking of it's resultant effects.

When it becomes too overwhelming, we simply chant " it is well".
We expect God to clean up our mess, we expect him to do for us what he has given us power to do for ourselves and expect him to show love and humanity in places he has mandated us to.

With all the huge allocations on the health sector yearly, there is still nothing ' healthy' about it.

Years ago, my younger sister was admitted to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital and needed drip. A doctor came around, looked at her and went over to his friends chatting and laughing. I pleaded with him to attend to my sister, but he looked at me like I wasn't there, turned and resumed his discussion.

Over six doctors stood right in front of me while my kid sister kept panting for breath.
At last, I went over to a bulky doctor who was standing separately from the rest and with tears in my eyes begged him to save my sister.
Surprisingly, he walked over and started doing the needful. But for over forty minutes, he tried fixing a drip but couldn't till another young doctor came over and helped him out. Few days later my sister died.

Another doctor in a military hospital in Port Harcourt few years back did the same with my son. He was just a year old and needed intravenous injection to relief his difficulty in breathing.
For almost an hour, the lady doctor that attended to us searched for veins without success. When she finally did, it was to place her text book in front of her and start measuring dosage while consulting the book.
My husband in anger snatched my son from her and told me to stay with her as my best friend.

We went to a private hospital and got the help we needed in just five minutes.

The stories from these elements are quite numerous in my country, naija that we have either become used to it or have begin to wonder how we got it all wrong.

But the answer is not far fetched, we got it from the intro above.

Few days ago, we were greeted with the death of an ex BBN contestant. He was involved in an accident and rushed to a hospital but died minutes later because of the non responsive attitude of the hospital staff.
An eye witness had this to say...

" His life could've been saved if the hospital didn't keep him bleeding internally for hours for a 200k deposit while no-one could reach his family because his iPhone was locked. Despite the begging of the Uber driver that brought him in, by the time the family came and paid 4.5m deposit it was too late".
Minutes later, videos from the hospital went viral. It captured moments staffs of the hospital were laughing nonchalantly while a young man bleed to death.

The Nigeria health care system has become a huge joke. We are being blessed with hospitals that are established only for money everywhere all a result of weak educational background and foundation.

Its time we start taking responsibilities and actions on the inhumanity and callousness of our medical teams, faulty educational foundation and non challant attitude in work place.

Doctors are mearnt to save lives but when the reverse becomes the norm, it becomes worrisome.

Idemudia Franca
Journalist, clevenard.com.