Plans: What about it?

Plans: What about it?

"Pay Attention to the things you do"

Recently, I begun to hear my inner intuition telling me things I had often take for granted.

In the first place, living a plan less life is living a life without purpose.

However, taking it further, planning is in dimensions.

Wise planning and futile planning.

Knowing this that he who fails to plan, plans to fail ...

It's expedient to look deeply into how we plan...

I like to plan my schedule, okay, I really thought I was already making a headway now, but
this hit me, that planning alone does not bring the results intended, except you plan wisely!

How often do we take out time to think about our plans?

When you think about your plans, it becomes obvious that some are not just necessary... Surprised?

Now, when I started giving attention to my plans, I realized the things we plan are majorly in two forms:
Major and Minor plans.

Learning to major on the important plans is a therapy that breeds healing and satisfaction.

But the minor plans are most time not evitable in other words we can do without them and still we are good...

Major plans targets self development, growth and improvement.

Minor plans are for leisures. It's necessary but limits would be fine.

How do they impact on me, my family etc
Arranging our plans in oder of their priorities yields the best.

Planning makes us effective but wise planning makes us outstanding!
Think about it!

Starla Inyang.