What is my Identity, Nigerian or not?

This phrase has haunted me my whole life. Mind you I am 30+ and yet to understand or explain.

Born to a Yoruba mother and a Berom/Housa Father and lived my whole life out of Nigeria. Do I really have the luxury of being called a Nigerian.

You might state that the fact that I am born to Nigerian parents I am indeed a Nigerian. But why don’t I feel any connection to that part of me.

I have lived my whole life away from Nigeria, spoken no other tongue but English, mingled with foreigners and even adopted their way of reasoning, their lifestyle and in the process become them. What does that make me?

Only late in life have I began mingling with my own people and finding out that we are light years apart in the way we think or reason. A simple conversation could end up in an argument all because of the difference in tone and communication.

Part of me wants so badly to be close to my own people but there is a lack in motivation and dive.

I can say I do understand Yoruba/ Housa to at least not get lost in conversation or location but is that really enough?

Not having any close relation apart from my immediate family I have become comfortable and not eager to learn about who I really am or where I come from. Is that right or fair?

That’s it for now. Let me know what you think and where I go from here.