NIGERIA: My father's land, which way?

NIGERIA: My father's land, which way?

I have been trying to say congratulations to us, instead it only but ends in sighs.
How can a man born 62 years ago still be learning how to sit down properly?
When will he learn to crawl, walk and start running in a 21st century world when Rwanda is entering for 100 metre dash development race? When Singapore is branding it's territories with IT, when Indian is churning out softwares, when china is buying out world economies and when even other African countries are diversifying educationally and intellectually.

Nigeria has become like a couple going on a journey by 7am flight but at 9am still busy arguing and quarrelling with each other on who should bath first while others have already boarded the 7am flight and already in midair.

We only see our elites on national television speaking big grammar which 80% of ordinary Nigerians can't even understand. They daze the masses with empty promises and care less for the children of the generation.

For how long can we continue to sing the lords praise in a strange land of oppression, injustice, lacks and sufferings?

Hmm, what hope does a common man have in my fatherland?, What hope has the unemployed graduates have in a land seemingly flowing in milk and honey?, What is the hope of the children, the poor, the aged and the vulnerable?

Who can provide stability for our ever "fainting" national grids?
When will bribery and corruption loose it's clutch on our greedy leadership? and when will the common man ever have a taste of the milk and honey in our land?
For me, I think we all ought to completely silent in mourning and asking God to turn again our captivity.

We have blamed enough. We, the masses are culpable on account of our silence despite the tool of change (PVC), which we don't seem to know it's essence because we choose not to know.
The few that knows it's worth has used it to keep us all in collective prison.

For You reading this, what have you done with your vote? and What are you going to do in future with your vote?
Stop blaming and abusing, it won't change anything.
Start taking responsibility, start thinking about democratically changing the existing flawed order across the board with our votes and we will see change.

Nigeria will sing it's song of victory but it rests on you and I.

Happy born/ independent day.

Idemudia Franca Journalist,