Gabbage in, Gabbage out!

"Life is Beautiful!"
"Life is Good!"

These expressions are result of experiences!‍♀️

Someone might ask, "how e take good for you?"

The day I realized that despite all the hustle and bustle, life is a product of what we actually put in, I began to look at on opportunities I could somewhat make a difference.

One of my favorites scriptures says "As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will not cease" Gen 8:22. (Paraphrased)

So, what's the point here.
It's the product of what you desire to see that you must set in motion.

Major on the good seeds, sometimes the harvest might take time but as sure as the rain, it will come.

Have you noticed that the easiest thing to do are the wrong things?
They are so easy to come by.
But those things that really brings accomplishment takes a huge gumption to get done.

So, if you know this, then channel your strength on the good and beautiful things and it will turn out that ....
Life truly can be all that you desire.

Life can be good for you if you care to do or rather sow the good deeds.

Try..... Please keep trying.... Sow.... only good. Just Try!

Life is beautiful only when you sow beautiful seeds of goodness, kindness, prosperity, hard work, love etc.

Make more efforts in sowing the good seeds and you will see good!

What you put in is what you get!

Gabbage in, Gabbage out!

Think about it!


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