Something you shold know about Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

The Stainless Steel Cable Mesh is a combination of softness and rigidity. The metal wire mesh can be widely used in the decoration industry to create any effect that the designer dreams of. Stainless Steel Cable Mesh is a decorative metal net.

flexible stainless steel cable mesh product features

1. Fireproof: Unlike cloth, this kind of mesh is not flammable. high strength

2. Easy to clean: When the metal cloth is dirty, you only need to wipe it with a rag. Highly functional

3. Easy and quick installation, chic and elegant appearance

4. The product is durable, gorgeous and high-end, reflecting unlimited creativity and artistic beauty.

5. To be welcomed and excited by architects and designers all over the world.

6. Various openings and sizes;

7. Unique design and appearance; architectural inspiration, aesthetic enjoyment.

BZ Stainless steel cable mesh products are widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration.

Such as hotels, high-rise buildings, elevators, luxury office buildings,

Large banquet hall, business hall and other buildings.

1. Window screen; 2. Space divider; 3. Net curtains; 4. Wall decoration;

5. Ceiling decoration; 6. Handrails; 7. Sun-shading; 8. Exterior wall cladding;

9. Elevator car screen; 10. Store booth; 11. Anti-theft door;

12. Partition and isolation screen; 13. Glass lamination line; 14. Elevator cab net

What can stainless steel cable mesh do for you?

Fall protection

Stainless steel mesh balustrade for bridge, stairs and paths. With high strength and impact resistance, these meshes effectively minimize potential fall accidents.


Ideal to be used as building facades and green walls to encourage growth of climbing plants and generally seen in parking garages and urban greenways, etc.

Animal & bird enclosure

Also known as zoo mesh and aviary netting, stainless steel cable mesh is perfect for animal and bird enclosure as it is flat and flexible to prevent impact damages.

Fences & safety net

Stainless steel cable knotted mesh is also used as a garden fences, safety fence in stadium, partition fence and safety net that prevents suicide to the largest extent.

Introduction of stainless steel material

Normally, American of iron and steel institute marks different types of stainless steel using three-digit numbers as shown below:

Austenitic stainless steel gets its name for face-centered cubic crystal structure and is marked with 200 and 300 series, such as AISI 201, 304, 316 and 310.

Ferritic stainless steel is marked with 430 and 446, and considered as an less expensive material with better engineering properties than austenitic grades. But they have less corrosion resistance due to its lower chromium and nickle content.

Martensitic stainless steel is also marked with 400 series such as 410, 420 and 440C. It combines high strength, toughness and machinability together and allows for heat treatment. But they are not as corrosion resistant as above two types of stainless steel.

Duplex stainless steel as a mixture of austenite and ferrite, features twice strength of austenite yet improved corrosion resistance.

Normally, 304 and 316 stainless steel is the most common material of our range of cable mesh. AISI 304 is considered as the preferred choice for dry indoor environment, such as balustrade for indoor stairs, curtain wall, lateral wall, ceilings, roof and decoration mesh, etc. But for outdoor applications, especially those in heavily polluted industrial zones and coastal areas, ordinary stainless steel may be easy to get contaminated even corroded and rusted. So it is recommended to choose 316 stainless steel cable mesh as it has a high nickle content, which imparts high corrosion resistance to the material.

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