Family blackmail: 100% fraud.

Family blackmail: 100% fraud.

A lot of people are stagnant in life and dying before their time because they are being overused by their supposed family.

It is no news that lots of Nigerian parents have lots of kids for selfish reasons. We have all been in the system, so no need shying away from the truth.
It is only in Nigeria that parents would blackmail their kids for not helping the younger siblings or not giving them a good life.

When you go to some families, you will see two perfectly strong couple toss their parental responsibilities to the eldest Child, while they sit back, watch and make demands.

Dear Nigerian parents, you first child or wealthy child has the right to not cater for the children you birthed. It’s not their responsibility just because they are siblings.
You owe your kids everything and more. They did not ask to be born.

This cheap blackmail of “I carried you in my womb” is actually daft and outdated. Were you supposed to carry them in your laps? Did they ask to be born? You decided to have children on your own accord and in doing that you should have thought of the responsibilities involved

It is sad to still see people in this enlightened generation, giving birth to kids they can’t cater for and I call it pure wickedness. After having them, you desert them in the hands of this harsh and cruel world. They grow up with no one to call theirs and no love. They wade through life on their own and become nuisance to a society they are supposed to help build with love.
What a pity...

Dear Nigerian Children, you owe your parents a life of luxury when you are thus blessed but not the one you can’t afford.
Stop doing stupid things in the name of giving your parents or siblings a soft life.
Do whatever you can, in your power to take care of your old parents or unhealthy parents but not at the expense of maintaining your honesty and integrity.

Some parents intentionally give birth to kids and start eyeing a rich relatives to help train them. Have you ever thought how you will feel if the reverse is the case?

You will see some young girls who are into prostitution, not for themselves, but for their parents and siblings. Others takes to fraud just to please their parents and live the standard their lazy parents have spread of them. Funny enough, Some of these parents knows what their children do for money, but they don’t care.
Of course, because “they carried you in their womb”, emotional blackmail from the pit of hell. While some go as far as comparing their kids to their peers and mounting pressure on them to do this or just to please the society.

Dear child, any help you can’t render your family with clean money, shouldn’t be your problem. It is actually stupid of you to do stupid things that may end your life, or put you in grave danger; just because you want to help your family.

When you die, they will move on fine without you. Infact, they will not do 5% of the things you did for them, for your kids. They would watch your children suffer while they face their own families. You were only their mumu to be used untill you decide to have sense or die pleasing them.

That your mother sold pure water to feed you, is not enough reason for you to do evil things to give them good life.
That your father starved for you to eat, is still not enough reason to engage in something dangerous just to make money. They are your parents and it was their responsibility to cater for you.

Stop seeing their rightful sacrifice for you, as an excuse or reason to soil your hands in evil because you want
fast money to change their lives.

Do your best, work hard and smart and rest. And again, I say rest.
E get why...

Idemudia Franca,

freelance journalist.


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