The WEDDING!!! I stand with the dad!

The WEDDING!!! I stand with the dad!

As the newlyweds sat there, the clergyman, Rev. #Aga kept barking out admonitions.

"Respect your husband and obey him even when you think he's wrong. As the head of the house he takes decisions and your's is to obey and give him peace of mind." He continued.

"Whenever you receive your monthly salary, kneel down before your husband and give it to him, that is what a virtuous woman would do. If he wants sex, obey him and oblige, even when you're fatigued, it's your duty to him as a good wife. If he hits you, don't hit back, wait for him to calm down and then apologize for making him upset. One day, your obedience will change him and make him a better person." Then he added, "by this time next year, we shall be celebrating the naming ceremony of your twins."

To this one, the congregation shouted AMEN, and some women started to sing and dance.

The bride's father, a retired Naval Officer, sat there with his friends, smiling as his wife jumped and danced.

At the reception hall while the guests sat there destroying the "item7", the MC announced that the bride's father should come up and give a vote of thanks. His friends started laughing as he bounced to the stage where the couple sat.

"Before I say my appreciation, I'd like to say something first." He turned and faced his daughter.

"Do not listen to any of the crap that pastor was yapping-off in church. Respect him if he respects you, obey him if he listens to you, do not give your salary to anyone, that's not why I sent you abroad to study, use it to take care of yourself and your siblings." The clergyman attempted to smile when the oldman looked his way, but the man wasn't joking.

"If he hits you, make sure he has fainted before you call me or anyone to get him any medical attention. I raised a daughter and not a punching bag. And as we discussed as a family last night, do not get pregnant immediately until you've planned your future with this man. I will never assist you or your child if you have kids without first planning for their arrival. You are not a baby making machine, I trained you to be a good thinker and an effective manager. Manage your life very well and be able to stand on your feet when he dies and his family tries to take everything he owns." The dad said this as he turned to face the crowd.

"Let us not use religion to enslave our daughters. If we want them to become fools to their husbands, then there's no need sending them to school. I am a responsible man today because my mother was smart and an independent thinker. She never bought into all these stories we are selling our daughters nowadays. And I married a woman who does not succumb to the societal nonsense either. So we couldn't have raised a foolish, husband-worshiping, baby-making daughter whose sole aim would be to get married, have kids and tolerate nonsense."

"Thank you all for honoring the invitation to celebrate with our two families, God bless you all." He handed the mic to the MC as the crowd didn't know whether to cheer or boo, so they just remained silent.

The bride looked at Rev. Aga, then turned and looked at her father. Proud and confused. Then her husband, an arrogant politician who doesn't know how to take insults lightly, gestured to the MC that he also wants to give a vote of thanks.

The bride just knew her marriage was about to end before it began.


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