*While you may be having fun on the swing on your side of life, the other person is probably being strangled by life.*

*Reach out to your friends.*
*If you can, ask them for their account details and send them a token, you can call it "recharge card money", or "lunch fee", or " just take care of yourself fee" or "go see a movie on my Account", because in truth, some of your friends are in deep financial crisis and they need help. They may not know how to ask you because they don't know how it is with you.*
*If you can, call them, make them laugh, make them vent, rant or just pour their hearts out to you. Listen to them. Your friends have bottled a lot in them and it's killing them.*
*Take them out for lunch, for dinner or for breakfast. If you can't afford an expensive lunch, you can do Buka. A grateful heart will appreciate your heart and your thoughtfulness.*
*Just take someone out to go see a movie. Drag them out of their house. Ensure you let them know they have you as a friend.*

*Just talk ...*

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