My second appearance at school

My second appearance at school

Great was my expectation on this day, Monday, the 24th day of August, 2015. By this time, the two-week Summer Classes organized for the pupils were over. The school was empty of children, noise and filth. My mother and I had earlier on been asked to return to the school and make the necessary school fees payment and other legal commitment.

We arrived at the school premises at exactly, 8:00am to meet the presence of a teacher, called Mr. Boafo. As experienced on the first day at school, Mr. Boafo equally gave us a warm-reception. ‘You are welcome, madam,’ were his first words. ‘Please, have a seat’, he continued. ‘Hello girl’, he also, said to me. I replied, ‘I’m fine, sir’. He rubbed my hair with his fingers. I felt, cool.

Mr. Boafo had come to prepare the office ahead of the teachers’ Staff meeting. I later learnt that, it’s usually, held a week before school re-opens for the new school term.

Soon, it was 8:45am, then came Mr. Ernest, the Assistant head teacher of the school. He smiled at me, while I greeted him, ‘good morning, sir’. With a loud voice, he responded, ‘good morning, my daughter’. ‘How are you?’ ‘I’m fine’, with a smile on my face, I replied.

After exchanging pleasantries with my mother, Mr. Ernest had a brief word with Mr. Boafo, who later excused us. Mr. Boafo smiled at me and waved at us, to leave the office.
At this time, other members of staff, started arriving at the school. Mr. Ernest requested for the list of books given to my mother the first day we came to the school and the part-payment of school fees as promised, to pay.

The sum of GH¢350.00 was paid to Mr. Ernest as part-payment of my school fees and another GH¢150.00 only, as the cost of some textbooks and exercise books, supposed to be supplied by the school. My mother also gave the Assistant head teacher, two-passport-sized photographs of me, as requested by the school authorities, on the admission form. My mother was issued with a receipt of payment for all transactions made on that day.

At about 9:30am, the entire school staff had arrived for their meeting. Madam Mavis Ntiamoah, the headmistress of the school, also came later at the time we were about leaving the school, for home. We exchanged pleasantries as she put a beautiful smile on her face. Madam Mavis later introduced us to the other school staff. She called on one Mr. Theophilus Mbir to meet my mother and I. Mr. Theophilus was going to be my class teacher, as school resumes on Tuesday, 1st September, 2015. He was full of smile on his face, as he welcomed us to the school. ‘You’re welcome,’ he said to us. ‘I look forward to seeing you, next Tuesday’, he said. ‘Okay, sir’, I replied. My mother gave Mr. Theophilus a warm handshake, as we bade everyone, ‘good bye’!!!

Charles Ollivant Akpome