Ade-John Reaffirms Nigeria's Commitment To Global Tourism

Ade-John Reaffirms Nigeria's Commitment To Global Tourism

Nigeria's mnister of Tourism Lola Ade-John has reaffirmed the country's commitment to advancing global tourism and further international relationships.

Representing Nigeria as one of the 11 African member countries elected to the UN Tourism Executive Council at its 121st session in Barcelona, Spain, she highlighted Nigeria’s dedication to contributing to the global tourism agenda.

“Our participation in the UN Tourism Executive Council is a testament to Nigeria’s vibrant tourism sector and our dedication to fostering international cooperation in tourism. We look forward to working closely with other member states to promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit all,” she said in a press statement.

The Nigerian delegation further emphasised the country’s ongoing initiatives to enhance its tourism infrastructure, improve visitor experiences, and protect its cultural and natural heritage. Nigeria’s active participation in the UN Tourism Executive Council will further these efforts, providing valuable opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange with other leading nations in the tourism sector.

The Council, which meets biannually, serves as the governing body of UN Tourism. In collaboration with the Secretary-General, the Council is responsible for making pivotal decisions on various aspects of the organisation and its initiatives, which are subsequently presented to the General Assembly for ratification.

Nigeria’s presence at the Executive Council highlights the nation’s growing influence and dedication to promoting tourism as a key driver of economic growth, cultural exchange, and sustainable development

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