Dearest Comrades, One Voice was created by me in South Africa 2018, the idea was to foster unity amongst various organizations of the people of Yoruba Extraction.

When our liberation movement took a new turn about 2 years ago, a WhatsApp group was created, Oduduwa One Voice was adopted but it was changed to Yoruba One Voice, I was made a Secretary General, my acceptance of this position is a decision which i later regretted, Yoruba One Voice became Yoruba Lone voice , it is plagued with evil machinations, manipulation. lie, deceit, coercion, narcissism and gaslighting.

Little did i realize that it was a ploy to expand the OPU, by deceiving the people and disguised as a liberation movement, whereas it is an avenue for the movement to be used as a tool for a political leverage.

There was no accountability! an amount of 20 000 dollars contributed for the purpose of a shambolic conference in Washington press club was misappropriated by the cabal. The leader of the movement throwing a lavish party, laundering money at the social events and many behaviors which is antithetical to the ethos of “Omoluabi” and the liberation movement in general. All these without a challenge from the scared stiff, overly controlled members of the group.

In view of all these anomalies, I decided to remove myself from the group about three months ago. I refused to participate further in any of YOV Plenary session when it became clear that, YOV had become the infamous animal farm with its own Orwellian cheerleaders. The group has deviated from its original mandate. To distance myself and the group of intellectuals who had concerns about recent happenings, I removed Mr Gani Adams and his cronies from our administrative platform.

Against this backdrop, people of like mind came together and decided to rebrand our group as YOV worldwide, under my leadership, hence I became the President of Yoruba One Voice worldwide.

Our group earned the name YoV worldwide for the following reasons:

(1) The name One Voice was coined here in South Africa in 2018 by me, i created the WhatsApp group. Oduduwa was removed and replaced with Yoruba.

(2) The Slogan, Vision and Mission was 99% my effort.

(3) I paid for the registration of YOV worldwide in SA.

(4) My building is the YOV worldwide headquarter with paid telephone and YoV merchandise.

(5) I paid for the website.

(6) I led the biggest YOV rally worldwide here in South Africa where we deliver memorandum to the British high commission while Mr. Gani Adams was enjoying lavish party.

Currently, Mr. Gani Adams faction of YOV is 99.9% OPU members with a hidden agenda disguised as Yoruba liberation and unethical behaviors which does not conform with the dictum of a liberation movement. Hence, we disengaged them from our administrative platform. We could not, in all consciousness allow one man to truncate the momentum garnered by thousands of people.

I remained the President of Yoruba One Voice worldwide, my advice for Mr. Adams is that he should stop parading himself as the grand Patron of Yoruba One Voice worldwide! Our noble liberation movement and struggle deserves an ethical leader, who is a lateral thinker with a vertical and collaborative ambition. Not a Cartel.

The allegation by one of the Cartels that I was dismissed was an after thought, any average thinking person must wonder why it was not announced 3 months ago until now. Truth is Sacred while Falsehoods are Satanic and Perishable

For those who believe in freedom, justice and equity, particularly those who believe in the right of Yoruba nation to self determination, let us align with the truth, focus on YOV vision and missions and work collaboratively towards the emergence of a HIGH FLYING ODUDUWA NATION.

God bless you, God bless Oduduwa Nation.

Dr Sina Okanlomo.
Your President, Yoruba One Voice Worldwide .