YOV’s alleged expulsion of Dr Okanlomo

YOV’s alleged expulsion of Dr Okanlomo

The Fountainhead is a 1943 novel by Russian-American author Ayn Rand. This is Ayn Rand's story of Howard Roark, a brilliant architect who dares to stand alone against the hostility of second-hand souls. The novel is a passionate defense of individualism and presents an exalted view of man's creative potential. It is a story of ambition, power, gold and love.

The majority of us are not individuals. We are largely interested in what the majority thinks. Sina is a victim of the hostility of second-hand souls which The Fountainhead aptly describes.

When some of us refuse to submit to the tyranny of the hostility of second-hand souls it appears to some as indiscipline. Better societies allow people to operate only within their level of competence and capacities. Yorubaland is doomed as everyone feels they can occupy leadership positions even when ill-suited. Where is freedom of expression and individuality in the Oduduwa nation?

Why are we not informed of the details of the charges against Sina, the opportunity offered to him to defend himself, the rules within your organisation, the people who took the decision in which he was condemned, etc. Is it not the case of awon agba osika? We know less than required to form a view of the justice of the situation.

Like the Animal Farm in George Orwell's 1984, Sina – as Winston Smith, contends with oppression in Oceania, a place where his actions are carefully dissected under the ever-watchful eye of the Big Brother. Individuality is subdued and actions exposed by those who only go with popular opinions. 1984 thought us about life without freedom!

Sina, even when I disagree with your means of achieving the lofty objective of a better society, I salute your courage, your selflessness and fight against the odds. Some will say ours is a doomed society when unselfish souls and voices as yours are muddled. Take solace in the fact that none of the medium parroting the onslaught against you offer the slightest glimpse of what exactly you did. Conclusion is presented without bases! I care less about the merits of the stories propagated in the uncritical media of cheap journalism. I pray that you accept with equanimity that the forces of evil are sustained by the same people that are required to achieve a national rejuvenation. Wole Soyinka aptly called it the State of Anomie. Miscreants and the dregs of the society, the forces of oppression and their acolytes have been granted the centre stage in our Yoruba-national discourse.

This is a caution to you and many others who may think that altruistic objectives are sufficient ingredients to embark on the Yoruba-Nation discourse. Self-interest is probably at the centre of our national struggle.

Amilcar Cabral, Revolution in Guinea, stage 1, London, 1974, pp70-72 said it in respect of the national struggle of the Guineans:

We must practice revolutionary democracy in every aspect of our Party life. Every responsible member must have the courage of his responsibilities, exacting from others a proper respect for his work and properly respecting the work of others. Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories

The Struggle for Yoruba-national aspirations cannot be led or pursued without revolutionary discipline. Hopefully, when the conditions are ripe for a Yoruba nation it should be there for all to see. Are we politically conscious for the raging battle decimating our land? Only time will tell.

Sunday Ogunronbi
Pretoria, 15.06.2022