Types of Leave HR Professional Should Know

Types of Leave HR Professional Should Know

1. Vacation Leave (Annual Leave): Paid time off granted to employees for rest, relaxation, and personal activities, accrued annually.

2. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA): Unpaid, job-protected leave for eligible employees to handle family or medical situations, such as the birth of a child or a serious health condition.

3. Parental Leave: Time off granted to employees for the birth or adoption of a child, often inclusive of maternity and paternity leave.

4. Sick Leave: Paid time off for employees who are ill or need to care for an ill family member.

5. Unpaid Leave (or Leave Without Pay): A period of time off from work without salary or wages.

6. Public Holidays: Designated days when businesses are typically closed to observe national or cultural celebrations.

7. Religious Observance Leave: Time off granted for employees to observe religious holidays or practices.

8. Sabbatical Leave: Extended time off, usually with partial or full pay, granted to employees for personal development, research, or rest.

9. Bereavement Leave: Paid or unpaid time off granted to employees who have experienced the death of a close family member.

10. Military Leave: Leave granted to employees serving in the military, often with job protection and benefits.

11. Jury Duty Leave: Time off granted to employees who are summoned for jury duty, typically with job protection.

12. Time Off in Lieu (TOIL): Compensatory time off given in exchange for working extra hours beyond the regular work schedule.

13. Election Day (Voting Leave): Time off granted to allow employees to vote in elections.

14. Time Off for Protests: Leave granted for employees to participate in peaceful protests or civic activities.

15. Study Leave: Time off provided for employees to pursue educational or professional development opportunities.

16. Adverse Weather Leave: Time off granted due to severe weather conditions that make commuting hazardous or prevent regular work operations.
17. Time Off as a Gift: Additional time off provided as a gesture of appreciation or recognition from the employer.

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