Indian Ocean Islands – the succesful CORAIL HELICOPTERS service set to spread its wing further.

Indian Ocean Islands – the succesful CORAIL HELICOPTERS service set to spread its wing further.

CORAIL HELICOPTERS belonging to Alfred Chane-Pane of Reunion Island ( has had years of experience operating successfully since 2004 in the Indian Ocean Island of Reunion under the name CORAL HELICOPTER REUNION, before expanding into the sister island of Mauritius in 2017 and operating under the name of CORAL MAURITIUS.


The service has received but glowing reports and proved to be a great plus for the tourism industry
of both Indian Ocean islands ( &

Alain St.Ange, the Tourism Consultant who was in Reunion Island last week for a private sector stakeholders meeting met with Mr Alfred Chane-Pane at La Casa Blanca Restaurant & Delicatessen in St. Denis, and together they discussed the helicopter service that has bur been able to consolidate itself year after year. Now with several helicopters in their fleet, Mr Chang-Pane is looking further afield to grow and Bali, the tourism island of Indonesia has been deemed interesting and needed.

Alain St.Ange & Alfred Chane-Pane

The CORAIL HELICOPTERS Company is now in discussion with Bali and the service is being welcomed
by the island’s private sector who are faced with traffic issues, especially those establishments
positioned on the other side of the island from the airport. This service is seen in Bali as a needed
plus for the island’s business community as it is for their tourism industry.
St.Ange who knows Bali well has encouraged Mr. Alfred Chang-Pane and his CORAIL HELICOPTERS to
expand into Bali. “You are today a well-established business and experts in helicopter service and
tours. Bali offers a great addition to the business and remains an island with a tourism vision that
can only succeed” he said.

Alain St.Ange