#Clevenard launching their #NewsRoom

#Clevenard launching their #NewsRoom

(Posted 19th July 2023)
Clevenard In Diaspora News
Clevenard is launching their news room that will be powered by 80% Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and 20% human which will be distributed globally on our Live TV, Radio, Video, Podcast Audio that will be downloadable from Clevenard.

They intend to become a trusted source for tourism stakeholders news.

ATCNews.org is already sharing content with Clevenard subscribers.

In addition, Daily News will be sourced for in and around the African region, providing tourism breaking news, business news, and promote cultural heritage, reducing obstacles to young people’s access to culture, disseminating information on cultural opportunities and making Africa a single destinations for tourists GLOBALLY.

Sign up now at Clevenard.com to start posting your own stories on their blog for free …

Prof. Dr. W. H. Thome