Message Just for you!

Message Just for you!

Are you thinking less of yourself?

Are people making mockery of you?

Do you feel out of place?

Do you feel time has passed you bye?

Are you made to feel worthless?

Do you feel it is too late for you to recover?

Do you feel lost in the Tempest of life?

Do you feel cheated?

Do you feel alone and lonely?

Do you feel all your efforts have gone to waste?

Do you feel marginalised?

Do you feel like a piece of rubbish, and frustrated?

Do you feel you cannot carry on anymore?

I urge you to take a deep breath; you are not alone. You are not to entertain any negative thoughts that would only mean you are giving in to the adversary, or your challengers.

I do not know anyone that is immune from challenges of life. We are all in a storm no matter your age, race, social background, and, or nationality.

Do yourself a favour; do not lose sight of whatever you may be going through. The predicaments you are juggling with right now maybe the very preoccupation that would take you to the places of prominence in life.

Comparing your life to someone else may sway you in the wrong direction which ultimately could lead to frustration and breakdown (if care is not taken) in life. Every man created by God does not necessarily have a common destiny, we only help each other along the path one way or the other.

When you choose to acknowledge God and see him in every given situation, a profound meaning will eventually come to your life. We are all on a specific and diversified journey which in itself is a mandatory process for everyone.

Often, it is when you fall down you learn to pack your load and then pack them wisely and properly. We’ve all been there, you’re not on your own.

I agree though, that there are times that the frustration and disappointment of life could make one conclude that this life in itself is horrible and not worth living.

No matter the complexity of what you may be grappling with when you give room for God to operate, he takes prominence and amplifies your destiny. The key here is acknowledging God in every given situation. I know it is easier said than done particularly when the heat is on.

God has to be at the centre of everything. I’ve come to know that over time.

In the days of Noah, people's hearts were hardened to the word of God and his instructions, so they paid dearly for their stubbornness. But Noah, his family and selected species were precluded from the devastation that followed after the completion of the Ark - simply because Noah followed God’ instructions to the letter.

You have to know you are in the spotlight of God and he wants to use you tremendously so he may have created the storm to prepare you. Your perspective has to lineup with His, otherwise you are in the land of fallacy.

No matter the gravity of the storm you’re going through do not give in neither should you throw in the towel. The storm is meant to prepare you for something greater than yourself. The experience thereafter will turn you into an instrument for a better use to humanity.

The calmness after the storm that accompanies a breezy weather would take you to greater heights.

No matter how old you are, your error of judgement, setbacks and successes - you ought to know you are not a lost cause.

Go and make manifest the glory of God inside of you. Just like Joseph, you will be in great demand that nations will come looking for you.

Israel Ayodele E. A. Lazarus Oshunremi

Bachelor of Arts, Honours In Education and Community Studies, UEL

Mentor/Educationalist/Public Speaker/Human Rights Activist/Author