HOW TO IDENTIFY GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: A perfect guide to choosing the right and profitable business that is best for you... Anyone who can understand and act upon opportunities is someone who succeeds in life. We talk too much about being the…

Need an online marketplace  and new business opportunities

Need an online marketplace and new business opportunities

Are you looking to buy or sell an item any time soon? Or if so, you've come to the right platform. We're proud to be the top online International / local sellers and dealers, magazine, search engine and, marketing platform, you can search for your sp…

Are you a handyman, Looking for job...

Are you a handyman, Looking for job...

Are you looking for an online platform where you can search your local and international services ranging from but not limited to? Divorce Attorney, Dry Cleaning, Electrician, Equipment Rental, Event Planner. Financial Planner, Florist, Beauty salon,…


Executive 3 bedroom bungalow

Executive 3 bedroom bungalow all ensuite, Hisense AC in all the rooms, cubicle shower, water heaters, mirrored wardrobes, full kitchen set (AC, heat extractor, washing machine & cabinets), car port, to BQ, gate house, electric wire fencing, interlock…

Different Types of Handyman

Different Types of Handyman

Invite the world to your professional handyman/woman business. There are so many different types of handyman services available—and different handymen specialize in different things. So, not every professional handyman will offer the same services—ev…

Wizy Electrical and Plumber Company.

Wizy Electrical and Plumber Company.

Professional fully qualified English and Spanish Electrician and Plumber for all domestic and commercial installations, maintenance, or repairs. For a fast and honest service undertaken at fixed rates call Wizy Electrical and Plumber Installations. W…

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