Popular seer and founder, Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, with headquarters in Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele, made public the 2018/2019 And Beyond: Warnings to the Nation. In this interview by KEHINDE OYETIMI, the prophet speaks on various sections of Nigeria’s polity as well as the international community.Nigeria's PolityI see a big fraud in NNPC. We will experience the things we have never experienced as a nation in 2019. Our economy is still under bondage. This government will re-strategise. But it won’t work. There will be troubles in the CBN. Let us pray against explosions at the CBN. Our naira will continue to wobble despite the things that they are injecting into it. The CBN should be careful not to be bereaved.Let us pray for our telecommunications industry that one of the founders does not a major health challenge. 9Mobile will still change its name. I see someone taking it over. The telecommunications sector will continue to have problems with the government.The Boko Haram issue is not yet over. There are other terrorists that are grooming themselves and Nigeria is among the countries that they intend to invade. That is what God is showing me. Let us pray against unnecessarily deaths in the Nigerian army; let us also pray against mutiny in the army. Let us pray not to lose a senior police officer between the ranks of CP and DIG. There are some volatile states that the government must look into: Lagos, Ogun, Oyo states.We must pray against terminal diseases, water diseases, and Ebola. Ebola is not yet over. We will record outbreak in Nigeria and other African nations. Let us pray against gas explosion and attacks on our pipelines. Let us pray against lack of petroleum between December and February. Let us pray for our stock market. Some companies will have problems there.In its war with the senate, there will be several bills that the president will not sign. Many people ran to the APC because they are being threatened. They are not there with their mind. Let us pray for our traditional rulers.Lagos and AmbodeSince 2017, I have said it repeatedly that Governor Ambode’s second term will not come on a silver platter. His deputy governor will be changed but I see controversies surrounding the office of the deputy governor. If they change Ambode as the party’s candidate, APC will lose Lagos State. Ambode will deliver Lagos State to the APC. Let them leave Ambode alone whatever he might have done. He will make Lagos greater in his second term. But is Ambode ready to fight for his second term? A time will come in the future that a new leadership will emerge in Lagos State. If the party does not settle the wrangling in their midst, APC will see fire in that state.