You want to transform your business; we want to transform the world. Change making doesn’t just take place on the field – it can start with Clevenard Social Network. A partnership with Clevenard can help you engage staff, deliver on corporate social responsibility, boost your business' visibility and integrity to the wold.

Better yet, we’re great to work with!

Our solutions are cost-effective, high-impact and backed by an experienced global online marketing team. We’ll provide the support and creative assets you need to help your business reach new audiences and help create translational impact and lasting change.

In today’s mile-a-minute world, your communications need to be heard and understood by the right people at the right time.

Complex products and services can’t always be clearly communicated. Add Clevenard Social Network to the equation and suddenly there’s a new found focus and clarity to your offer.

We know who to talk to and how to talk to them with clear, compelling and effective communications that will amplify your brand across multiple channels and grow your business.

This includes:

• Media relations

• News, features and customers’ stories

• White papers

• Blogs

• Thought Leadership

Brand marketing

Communicating your brand is no longer just about ‘doing PR, a bit of marketing, it’s about creating campaigns that reach (and resonate with) your audiences.

Clevenard truly understands the technical complexities of your offer and will communicate your message clearly with a fully-integrated campaign that elevates your brand.

This includes:

• Brand positioning workshop

• Infographics

• Advertising buying and creative

• E-marketing


Our team of talented experts take the complexities of the digital world and make it work hard for you.

We ensure your message is spot on for each and every channel to convey your story and engage with your audience.

This includes:

• Social media

• Web and online content

• SEO and PPC campaigns

• Video


Let’s be clear, without a strategy your brand communications will fall on deaf ears.

You must be confident about your proposition, messaging, target audiences and goals. From market research and customer insight to message development and planning, we will distil your objectives into clear, compelling and effective communications to strengthen your brand and grow your business.

Our expert, strategic approach includes:

• Planning

• Messaging

• Research and insight

• Crisis management

• Public affairs

• Sponsorship

• Media training

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