Here are the top reasons why every business interested in Internet marketing should be looking at Clevenard: Saturate the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for your brand name – All the major search engines are moving towards displaying search results from your website and all the major social media and news channels.

It is imperative that Business has a presence in all these channels to dominate the search engine results page.

The example below shows you the Universal Search Results page from Google when “Milestone Internet” is typed in the search engine. In our opinion, Clevenard optimization is the next generation of Internet marketing.

Clevenard gives higher relevance to businesses connected through different social media channels resulting in higher placement in search engines.

• Clevenard is the fastest-growing category of Internet Marketing in terms of attracting new users. It is the next generation of Internet marketing and can drive traffic to your website and blog from different social media channels.

• We allow you to establish a relationship with your customer like no other media has previously allowed. It enables you to establish a 1-1 relationship where you get regular feedback on how your customers are reacting to your marketing messages.

• We offer an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your market. Use of Clevenard blogs, Events plate, etc. can help you establish yourself as an expert in your destination. People like to buy from experts and like to follow experts on their blogs post & another post on Clevenard etc.

• Rank in Search Engine’s Latest Real-Time Search Algorithm – Gain additional exposure and traffic when social conversations rank in real-time search on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

• Now, that we have made a strong case of why you should be investing in Clevenard, the obvious question that pops up is “how should we go about doing social media optimization?”

• All the efforts that a business puts into social media marketing can be bundled into the following 3 categories. We will segment the top 6 things to promote on Clevenard channels into these categories so that Businesses can use them as practical tips.

To promote on Clevenard channels

1. Create and Upload Custom Clevenard page –we allow your business to customize the tabs to tailor it to your specific business. Some best practices to follow while creating your Clevenard page are: Integrate Reservation widgets. Create custom tabs to highlight your -specific items such as meetings and conferences, things to do, etc.

2. Create/ Promote Destination Post on our TimeLine showcasing local events, news, and specials. The information posted on the blog gets index right away.

3. Search Optimized Video on Clevenard create and promote a search optimized video about your destination, local attractions and upload them on Clevenard.

Clevenard is one of YouTube's largest partners and YouTube is the fourth largest search engine and drives significant traffic you welcome to post your YouTube video URL link on Clevenard.

4. Grow Fan-base- Add as friend – Become friends with organizations that are most important for your business. Promote your Clevenard Profile Page – Invite your customers to join you on clevenard, business associates, and ask them to become friends with you on Clevenard. Convert your friends on Clevenard by offering time-sensitive specials

Clevenard Followers – Stay connected and current by finding out relevant businesses in your area and following them.

5. Press Releases and Articles – Using Clevenard to release Articles and news information enhances search engine optimization and the web.

6. We recommend businesses should actively monitor their Clevenard user account and review their profile. The success of our social media network efforts can be measured in many different ways:

  1. Awareness
  2. Number of friends & followers
  3. Our Social media mentions
  4. New relevant links
  5. Conversion
  6. Track through promo
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Relationships
  9. How much interaction?
  10. Who is initiating?
  11. Engagement
  12. Unique visitors
  13. Time on site
  14. Frequency of visit