GloBUNTU School of Life Masterclass - Full episode 12 with Dr. Taki Dube

“Muthu ndi muthu nga Vhathu…"Luvenda for: “We are human when we recognise ourselves in others.”- Dr. Taki Dube.

Her name is Dr T.M.V.Dube, M.inst.Dt She describes herself as a Daughter, Sibling, Perfect Wise wife and Mother. in addition to that she is a Community Developer and Author.

At the age of 9, Dr Dube's Dad called her into his Study and asked her: Taki, What would you do, if you found yourself all alone, in the world, when you woke up tomorrow morning?
Are you wondering what her answer was and how that changed the course of her life forever? Well, tune in to episode 12 of our GloBUNTU School of Life Masterclass, meet her and find out more.

Présentation & Motivation 

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