“ I have learned that Life is like a puzzle which is not completed until you get into your position.” -Bishop Vus Dube-

He is a husband, parent, full-time teacher, bishop, politician and athlete. He was born in a rural area outside Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. His name is Bishop Vus Dube. Bishop Dube's lessons in life began from the moment he was born. When he was just three weeks old, he lost his mother to a car accident. From that age on, he was raised by his grandmother, who groomed him into the man he is today, playing different roles in society. Bishop Vus Dube grew up in a climate of politics. After training as a teacher, he took up teaching for a couple of years, during which he was promoted to the position of principal. Later, he had a calling. So gave up teaching and entered a private school where he studied theology graduating as an ordained pastor.