"Raise your words and not your voice. It is rain that makes flowers grow, not thunder."- Audrey Mhlanga

She is a proudly African woman who believes in African self-love and pride. She wears many hats, not only as a professional but also as a person. She describes herself as a sister, friend, youth mentor, travel and marketing professional and consultant, thespian and poet. As the Owner of Mimi Light Events Management, she is also an entrepreneur. Her name is Audrey Mhlanga. In this masterclass, she will be sharing with us her experiences, expertise and life lessons she has learned from her multiple jobs, roles ad businesses.

Join us in episode fifteen of our GloBUNTU School of Life Masterclass and listen, learn, participate and have fun while learning. Always remember, life is a story and some stories are life-changing. The main character in every transformation is a storyteller!